A few years ago, several of the Disney World parks had great playgrounds for the kids to run around and “re-energize”. It appears the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” playground is gone, too. Are there any playgrounds available?

During Flower and Garden festival at EPCOT there is usually a play area with some climbing features (albeit small). But only during F&G. Underneath the train station at MK in Frontierland where Splash Mountain is there is a small play area, more for toddlers than bigger kids.
The play area that rivals the size and activities as Honey and Shrunk the Kids in the Bone Yard in Dinoland USA in Animal Kingdom. There;s a good amount for the kids to climb on and run around and then there’s a giant “sand” pit to dig up fossils

Don’t forget about Tom Sawyer Island in MK. Lots of room there.

I second, third and fourth The Boneyard!! My son could have probably spent the entire day there. It was fantastic with lots for different ages. How old are your kids?

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Thank you for your responses. I guess the Boneyard is the remaining playground “fossil” at DisneyWorld, which is a shame.
The suggestions for Tom Sawyers Island and the EPCOT climbing areas are appreciated. We will have two 8 year olds and they should work well.

Thanks again.


The Epcot fountains in front of the Figment ride are also a fun play area. My son loved climbing on them and getting soaked around that age. The soaked part may be a bad thing from your perspective though so plan ahead if you want to consider that option…

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Getting soaked is all part of the fun when one is 8 years old.


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There is also a splash pad/water play area in MK by Pete’s Silly Circus.

Agreed - it’s awesome for the 8 year old. For the parent who needs to buy a new outfit though, I thought a warning was only fair. :grinning:

Packing an extra pair of socks/shorts that day might be a worthwhile precaution or ensuring clothes can wick water well if the fountains are in the plan - shirt can be removed prior to “playing”…

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We have never done the fountains for just that reason. This year I’m putting it on the TP and packing a change of clothes for that day!

For reference here was my son enjoying the fountains at 8 in '09:

He got a touch wet that day, but had a grand time…


That’s funny, the only pic I got was at Epcot too.

DS7 is relatively dry here, we’d only just got to the fountain, but my nieces were soaked!


I’ll add the exits to Epcot attractions Spaceship Earth (interactive games), Imagination Pavilion (interactive games), Seas Pavilion (Bruce & Friends, interactive games), Mission Space (indoor playground) and Test Track (interactive area). There is another splash area near the Mission Space/Test Track bathrooms too. As for MK, don’t forget Dumbo’s playground in the waiting area.

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My 10, 7 and 4 year old boys LOVED Tom Sawyer Island and literally would have spent a half day there if we would have let them!

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