Play Disney app at DLR/DCA

Concerning accounts: we have one Disney account which we use for Disney Plus as well as the Disneyland App. Our tickets and reservations are linked to that account and we are each logged in on our respective phones.

Need some advice on how to proceed with the Play Disney app.

  • Do we need to have two Disney accounts?

  • How do we keep progress on the app while playing at the parks if we have just one login for our Disneyland App if the Play app says that we have to login to keep track of achievements?

I have looked on the Disney sites and FAQs, but no mention of how to proceed.

thanks all!

I could be wrong but my understanding is that you just log into your regular Disney account using the Play Disney app. So you won’t need a separate login. And as long as you are just playing on one phone, there should be no issue keeping your progress saved.

I’m not sure how this works if you log into the same account using multiple phones. Sorry!

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