Play Areas

Does anyone know when Universal Orlando’s play areas open?

We are planning on going the first week of May, but I am up in the air in visiting Universal with a three year old who just hit 40 inches.

Honestly the outdoor play area closures never made any sense to me. I live close to Central Park in NYC and playgrounds were open early last summer.


I have asked the same question elsewhere and haven’t gotten an answer yet. Here’s hoping someone knows! I think it’s just up in the air - not even UOR probably knows at this point.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but just for info in case you didn’t know - Barney’s is closed for good :frowning:

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I saw on the AP facebook page that the TM’s think it won’t be until late summer when all the kids have had a chance to be vaccinated.

I agree with you. Kids plus outdoors, seems like the First thing that would open.


For sure. Plus, Volcano Bay is open and masks are literally not required, so this makes even less sense to me.

There are literally 6 play areas that would help spread out crowds, they could even limit the amount of people inside.

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