Plastic Ticket Media?

I use the Military Salute package for my tickets and for each previous trip I have gotten paper vouchers that I have to take to guest services to be activated. This time I ordered over the phone from Shades of Green and verified my eligibility with them so I got the pre-activated plastic cards. What do I do with them? I have already assigned them to each of us in our MDE account for FPP. Do I need to bring them with me for our first entrance, or do I just use my MB to enter? How does this work?

If you have them linked to your MDE account and have your account linked to your Magic Band, you should be good to go. I always bring the plastic tickets and keep them in wallet, just in case. If you’re concerned when you get there, head to a Ticket booth before the turnstiles and they’ll confirm if your tickets are properly linked.

Although you most likely will not need it, I always bring my plastic tickets “just in case”. I ended up needing one the last time I upgraded. The person in guest services said the ticket was not a park hopper. I showed her the ticker, with the same number, and that it was clearly labeled as a park hopper on the back.