I have tried creating my plan. I chose what attractions, rides, and shows as well as set my dining reservations. When I hit optimize and compare to the plans that are in the Unofficial guide, what is in the book and what the website look nothing alike. I’ve even tried repositioning the various rides and attractions to look like what the book guides recommend. Still when i hit optimize it changes and doesn’t make much sense. Please help me understand what I need to do.

The plans in the books are general, but optimising a personalised plan takes the crowd level into account. Trust the optimisation, it really works.

You can publish your plan and share it here if you want specific advice.

I’m not going until the end of june. Should I expect that the times and placement will change on the day of?

I last optimised mine about 2 weeks before our trip to take recent info into account. But many people do optimise in the parks. You could also evaluate in the parks if you don’t want to change the order but want up to date wait times.