Plans canceled. September is out, February is in

So some members of our family can’t make it in September so we have officially canceled and we are moving the trip to February. A few questions.

  1. Does anyone know when I’ll actually be able to book for February online?
  2. I have 9 MNSSHP part tickets that can’t be canceled. it says I have to show my credit card that I purchased them with to get in so I don’t think I can just give them away. I’m afraid they are just going to go to waste. Is there a way to gift them to someone where that person can get in without me being present with my CC?

1 You should be able to make room res right now or you can call.

2 I have heard others say that they got refunds, so I would call.

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I would call first about the tickets but if they are in your MDE account can you reassign them?

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that’s good to hear. I’ll call tomorrow.

Room reservations for the next calendar year usually come to the website sometime in June if I recall, when packages are released. But you can book 500 days in advance by calling.