Plans and Fast pass/child swap suggestions for a family scary cats

Hey there! I just showed an attractions video to my sons and to my dismay, they don’t want to do a lot of the roller coaster bc they are scared! The are 10 and 7 and meet the height requirement. My DH and I love rides and since I have to make the FP+ reservations soon, I am asking myself what should I take.

Here are the attractions that are problematic for us:

TT: both refuse to do it: FP or Child swap or single rider?
RR: my elder doesn’t but my youngest might. FP For me and DH or child swap or Single rider (can I use single rider and bring my son in the line with me, leave him with a CM ant pick him up after?)
EE: both refuse to do it: FP or Child swap or single rider
SM:both refuse to do it: FP or Child swap or single rider

I want to try to optimise my family’s FP, If I take FP for all these rides for all the family membres and end up not using them, it will discourage me a little: I am spending so much time on the planning!

TR: single rider
RR: CMs will not babysit for you. Child swap.
EE: single rider
SM: child swap

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Thanks, that is what I tought about the baby sitting :stuck_out_tongue:. I am planning an early arrival with my youngest, so that I can register him to Jedi training. We will be by ourselves until about 9am, when DH will arrive with eldest. The plan suggested riding RR and TT since it is a EMH, but if I am alone, I will do the TS rides instead.

If you go with him and get the child swap before they ride, the one who wants to ride can ride again with the second parent if they so desire

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A couple of thoughts, as we had to deal with a scaredy cat DD.
First, work your way up the scale of rides, reassuring them about their progress - “OK, you did Barnstromer and it was fun, so you are ready for Big Thunder Mountain.” Incremental progress can win the day here.
Second, talk to them about the whole concept of thrill rides - the point is to experience scary things, but in a completely safe way. Reassure them that It is OK to be scared, but that should not stop them from experiencing the rides. Remind them that it is a learning experience, and that it will help them deal with truly scary things in the future. :slight_smile:


For Test Track: show them the video of Radiator Springs. The tracks are very similar, but TT has no Cars design to it. Judge their reactions. If they are not scared by the Cars race, TT should be fine.

I agree with brklinck.
Talk to your kids about Splash Mountain. Explain to them that the Big Drop is more fun than scary and explain that they are missing out on so much inside the ride. Have them look around at other small kids riding and have them check out all the smiling faces coming off the ride.
Is this your first visit? or have you and you husband been before?

Since I seem to suck at acronyms, here is the revised list
Tower of terror
Rock and roller coaster
Expedition Everest
Space Mountain.

And will try your tricks to help build his confidence, we have a six flags season pass and they tried some, without success.

Do I take fp for DH and me and make them wait with us or just wait and try solo rider? Since we will be riding solo anyway…

Thanks, good idea!

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