Planning with (and for) my 8 year old

I just have to share. DD8 didn’t want to play board games with us tonight, so she started planning our Animal Kingdom day.
So cute.


But for real… we’re doing the lightsaber thing with my son. Is there anything special, like that, that we could do with her? She’s really into Decendents right now. Anything in the parks with them? What about baking experiences? She’s a really good baker.


scavenger hunts at epcot are fun

Amorette’s does a baking class but she may need to be 10 to do it.

Thanks! I’ll go look that up!

ETA: Yep. 10+, and not available right now. That would be up her alley, too. Maybe next time.

When are you going? I know there’s a Mermaid School, but not sure if a) it would appeal and b) it’s running right now.

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