Planning Thanksgiving 2018 week trip-HELP!

Started planning. Open to your thoughts/input. Staying at Coronado Springs. Have table service dining plan. Me, husband, 23YO daughter, 8YO son. We know it’s busy, have visited multiple times but we wanted to catch the Disney Christmas magic before my son gets any older. Planning based on crowd calendar. Not sure which will be best for the last day/thanksgiving. I want approach this trip at a more leisurely pace than all the other times and not pack in every little attraction.

Arrive Nov 17
Nov 18-HS 50’s Primetime for dinner
Nov 19-AK or EP- Sanaa for dinner
Nov 20-MK Be our Guest for one of the 2 MK days
Nov 21
Nov 22-EP or AK-Le Cellier
Nov 23 depart

This is exactly the trip we took last Thanksgiving. We also stayed at CSR. If you are ok with Thanksgiving dinner not being about Thanksgiving, but actually Christmas… MInnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine was so much fun. I would recommend the Candlelight Processional at EP on Friday night. It’s beautiful. You can book a dinner package and guarantee good seats. EP starts all the Holidays around the World on Friday, so that’s another vote for EP on Friday. It’s fun to listen to all the different traditions. I loved the ones in Norway and Italy. Plus, they have some great snacks at the festival booths in each country.

Thank you. We leave Friday morning. :frowning: Most of WDW is decorated for Christmas right? Just Epcot doesn’t go all out until Friday is what you are saying?

Correct, most of the decorations will be out by then. Depending on what time you arrive, I would recommend Disney Springs for dinner on Nov 17th. They have a Christmas Tree Trail that’s awesome. 20+ trees, each decorated with a different Disney theme/movie/character.

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Has this been published yet? I am curious because we want to catch it if we can also. I see it began on 11/19 last year.

Decorations will be up and some of the stuff will be out prior to that Friday, but Candlelight Processional doesn’t start until then. I bet they start the traditions performers earlier. If you can’t find it on here, check Disney Tourist Blog. They have a good WDW at Christmas guide.

Ok, yeah. I was referencing the Festival of the Holidays with the characters. Hoping it begins the Saturday before Thanksgiving like last year. All places I check says the dates aren’t out yet.