Planning my Disney Bachelorette

The time has come! I don’t post on here much but whenever I do I typically make an underhanded comment like “hopefully soon fiancé.” We got engaged March 10, will get married in Key Largo and have my bachelorette in Disney in early March, as I want it to be during Flower & Garden. I had my MOH write in the email invite that I do not want anyone to feel pressured to come given my wedding is destination, WDW is $$, etc (though so are the Vegas, Nashville, Scottsdale bachs I have been on).

Here is what I know:

  • timing: first or second weekend in March, though probably second weekend.
  • Length of Stay: I personally will be there Thursday night through Monday night, doing parks every day. HOWEVER, I only expect people to be there for Friday dinner, Saturday at MK & Epcot (though we might explore VIP) & dinner Sat night at Teppan Edo
  • staying at the Epcot resorts, debating between Swolphin and Boardwalk DVC renting
  • minimum of 10 people, max of 15. This includes my gfs, all mid 30s (and not a lot of budget limitations), my Mom, my future MIL, my future SIL. There is one other Disney regular in the group + DM & in laws who go often but less regularly than I & the rest haven’t been since they were kids

Where I need help:

  • Friday dinner: debating between Topollinos + watching fireworks on the terrace OR California Grill + fireworks on the terrance, and a monorail bar crawl before. I think food is better that TT, but apparently the Michelin star people who just gave CG a “plate” do not, plus CG is “more Disney” given it overlooks MK, is on the monorail. I am so indifferent I want someone to make the decision for me
  • Where to stay: Swolphin is easier logistically when considering the ease of booking and people getting marriott points, or if someone needs to cancel or add (a lot of baby making this time of life). However, fiancé and I loved staying in a BWV studio and think it’s great option to stay at a proper Disney resort for less. Also, it allows for folks who might not have a hotel partner to stay with a bigger group. If we go that route, we need to figure out who stays where. There’s only a handful who will deem a sleeper sofa acceptable. I think if we did a 2 bedroom where my MOH and I are in a room, two to three are in another room and one is in living room sleeper sofa, that takes care of 6, and then rest can figure out who all wants to bunk together and decide between studios to 2bd or even normal Inn rooms (DM will do a normal inn room solo). Thoughts? How are the rooms? How are the sleeper sofas?

Any tips for booking reservations with a party this size?