Planning my August 2021 trip

June 2020 — cancelled.

October 2020 — cancelled.

April 2021 — postponed.

August 2021 — 273 days to go.

273 days ago was February 20th. The UK lockdown wouldn’t begin for nearly four weeks.

Surely in yet another nine months things will be, well, a bit closer to how they used to be?

It’s far too early to be planning the trip. There are so many unknowns.

Or are there? The basics of WDW are pretty much the same as they’ve always been. And having had five trips between 2017 and 2019 I have a pretty clear of what I really want to do and what I won’t really mind missing out on.

So let’s get started . . .



In the past I’ve taken a somewhat money-no-object approach and prioritised signature restaurants. Which was nice. But I don’t necessarily need to do that again. The strategy this time is revisiting favourites and exploring the still as-yet unexplored. Let’s break it down into zones.


CRT is a one-and-done for me: great venue, mediocre, wildly over-priced food. And face characters are weird. BOG is perhaps a two-and-done. I feel like the venue is a little over-rated. The new prix-fixe menu is fine and not crazily expensive. But, you know. Meh. Done it.

I’ve done brunch at CP twice and — a slightly awkward exchange with Eeyore and Piglet (I tried to get two for the price of one) notwithstanding — I have good memories of my time there (a great encounter with Piglet on the second visit more than making up for the embarrassment of the first). CP is not currently open. But it’s a possibility. I do want to do at least one character meal.

I feel like I should give LTT a try. And that lobster fried green tomatoes eggs benedict at the Plaza sounds awesome.

None of the other offerings appeal to me.

Naturally I’ll try to find time for pineapple upside-down cake with Dole whip at Aloha Isle and a frappuccino at Starbucks.



Oddly, despite the huge range of options on offer, I find Epcot the hardest one.

I’ve been to MP twice and it was great, but I don’t think I want to spend that much again. My first visit to LC was terrific, but the second was not good. VN is the worst restaurant on property and I won’t ever be going there again. CDF was mediocre. CR was fine, but I don’t really feel the need to return. Same goes for TE. And the (I think) overrated Les Halles.

I’d really like to try Regal Eagle. And, strangely, Yorkshire County Fish Shop, which is ridiculous because I live in the county of Yorkshire and can have fish and chips whenever I want.

Oh, and let’s not forget Space 220. Will that be a thing by August 2021?



I’ve been to HBD a shocking three times. I don’t feel the need to go again. I’m trying to keep control of the budget. Hmm. I do like it there, though. We won’t rule it out.

Every time I’ve planned a trip I’ve put Sci-Fi Dine-In on the schedule and every time it’s ended up being sacrificed for something else. I’ll try harder to keep it this time.

50s Prime Time scares me, yet I would like to try it. (Sidebar: I’ve become addicted to watching What’s My Line? from the last 50s and 60s. It’s from a golden age of civility and elegance. It’s enchanting. You should watch it. The guest panelists are jaw-dropping, e.g. Walt Disney.)

I really enjoyed the breakfast wrap at Ronto Roasters and would definitely have that again. And try keeping me away from the Milk Stand. DB7 was a bust, but I’m willing to give a second try.

Will Woody’s Round-up Rodeo be open? It’s all gone a bit quiet on that front. It was due to open in, er, 2020.



This is probably the easiest park for me for dining. Satu’li is a must. I’ve been on every trip. It’s my most visited restaurant at WDW.

Tiffins is more problematic. I’ve been three times. One of those was possibly the best meal I’ve had at WDW — and I’ve been to V&A. But the other two, not so much. So it’s a risk. And it’s pricey. Hmm.

I’ve been to Tusker House once. The food is OK. I’m not a wildly adventurous eater, but there was enough to fill me up. And I had great character interactions there, especially with Donald, who mimed that I should tear up the check and run off without paying. As I said earlier, I do want to do at least one character meal.


Most of the places you are talking about I haven’t tried. But we did eat at Sci-Fi and 50’s Prime Time and enjoyed them both. The food was fine but not spectacular. The theming of both was nice though. Also DB7 is my DD18’s favorite. She loves the shrimp and noodle dish but they were not offering it on the limited menu in August. I love the kefta and hummus. Maybe you just got a bad dish?


Sci Fi diner and 50’s Primetime are both wonderful. You won’t regret going. Actually the chicken pot pie at the 50s is my favorite thing I’ve ever had at WDW.


We did Tusker House more than once, and the characters were wearing different outfits the 2nd time. Also the food was somewhat different. I really like that one.



I’ve done 1900PF for breakfast three times and really enjoyed it. But I find face characters awkward and the room is a little claustrophobic with no windows. I’ll probably pass.

V&A was a mixed, mostly good, experience, but my budget does not allow a return.

I keep scheduling Narcoossee’s and then cutting it. Will it make the cut this time? (I always think watching HEA from anywhere outside MK is a bit of a scam. The fireworks are a long way away.)


I’ve been to CG three times. Two good experiences, one terrible. I find the dress code snobbery tedious and irritating. But I do love that view. It would hit the budget hard. The famous brunch — which I’ve done — is probably a no-go for me. It’s a great value if you drink a gallon of mimosas, but day-time drinking is fatal for me.

The new style CM sounds like an attractive proposition. Especially if they keep the new menu but re-add the character interactions.

I hear good things about the Wave, but the restaurant just seems so dull.


I’ve done the AP character dinner. It was fun. But expensive. A one-and-done for me. But Geyser Point is definitely on the cards for a revisit.


I really want to try Three Bridges and I’m willing to give Toledo another try. (I’m a sucker for a restaurant with a view. Talking of which . . .


I’ve done breakfast at TT and would be up for doing that again. Not wild on the character’s outfits, but the views are great. I wish I’d known I could have ordered multiple entrees at no extra cost. (According to DFB.)


I’ve done the Flynn Rider Breakfast (well, that’s what I call it) twice now. The food is great and Flynn Rider is, you know, great. But face characters are just so awkward. Even Flynn. I wish he’d just stand there and look pretty while I think private thoughts to myself. Do you think I could ask him to do that?


For sure. Bad choice on my part. Which is why I’m willing to give the place another try. I like the theming and being in SWGE.

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You have some STRANGE picks here…Le Cellier is very good…Via Napoli is my kids (and our) favorite…Tuutto Italia is also very good…La Hacinda is good…

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We were not big fans. But did enjoy the Plaza and Skippers is my fav at MK.

I thought YCFS was the worst! Im excited for RE and Space. I think it will be open by then. If you like Mexican La Hacienda is wonderful. Tuttu’s has great Italian.

Keep this! Its fun if you’ve never gone. We usually snack around HS, not thrilled bt the food there.

Have u considered Nomads? Sounds like the place to be!

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We had a lovely lunch at Yak and Yeti this time last year. Food was great and the ambience is fun.

Yeah. I liked it. A bit. I could go back. Or not.

I had a drink there once. I could go again.

I was a bit excited about this till I looked at the menu. Nothing got me very excited.

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My 2 DDs and I were underwhelmed w/ Yak n’ Yeti’s food. We each ordered a different dish and sampled. Many ppl in these forums love it, we will never go there again.

Have you done hoop-de-doo review at ft wilderness? It’s way more fun than it should be

Yes, it’s very entertaining and the food is pretty good too. Very American…

that’s not why I didn’t like Yak n’ Yeti. I really love spicy food and flavorful food. YY is blah

No, and I would like to, if it returns.


Lol my teens and hubby told me I was gushing over Prince Eric last Jan trip. It is a good breakfast and princes are better than princesses so way to go Disney for finally doing something different. I spent the whole time with Eric asking him about Max (I’m a dog lover and have four of my own and one of em is named Ariel).

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I don’t know if I can offer good advice as most of the places I’ve eaten were character meals but here’s my contribution just in case. Here are my thoughts on what I have done.

MK - I enjoy the atmosphere at Tony’s and the food isn’t as bad as I read it was so way to go for giving me low expectations world, but I think BOG, CRT and LTT are overrated but not awful. The breakfast is the way to do CRT. Crystal Palace has never disappointed me but it’s hard to eat buffets with characters. I don’t like the two together because you miss the characters trying to get food

EPC Garden Grill is a fabulous character meal but the food has gone downhill or my taste buds got more refined. Didn’t like Coral Reef and I’m good on that one forever. Teppan Edo is good but I’ve done it lots. Both Mexican restaurants did not disappoint me but I prefer Hacienda. Agree with you about Chefs de France just being ok and I don’t need to go back. Akershus is okay but also feel it’s gotten worse but I only have done breakfasts.

DHS I think HBD is overrated too especially the grapefruit cake but it is the best food I’ve had in DHS. I’ve done all of em except Mama Melroses. The others are just average to me but I think SciFi has the best kitsch between it and Hollywood&Vine and Prime Time which I didn’t like.

AK i have not eaten at Tiffins and isn’t there a new sit down version of restaurantosaurus? But of the others I like the food best at Tusker House. It has never disappointed me. Yak and Yeti and Rainforest are like Chili’s to me.

Resorts - not impressed with 1900 Park Fare breakfast or dinner but the Cindy characters at dinner are awesome. I have the best set of shots of Drizella trying to kiss DS on the cheek and him pulling further and further away until she had to catch him from falling. They are hilarious. Worth it alone for the showmanship. Fabulous character actors

Artist point was better before characters foodwise but it is a cute meal as well and the queen was also wonderfully in character and didn’t like me at all. I don’t remember Whispering Canyon one way or the other.

Obana was decent food and character for breakfast but crowded and slow service.

Trattoria al Forno is good at breakfast and the dinner is good if you order well. Some things were salty.

Beaches and Cream is cute for kids anyway. I remember it well and my mom liked they had really good non-milk alternatives as she has a casein allergy. Cape May Cafe was not memorable.

The Boathouse was pretty good in Citywalk; I’d eat there again but I’m not a TRex fan but have been twice for two different kids.

So sorry my experiences have leaned for the kids so maybe not too helpful. But maybe there is something in there that is.

I’m going to attempt to eat my way around the world should more restaurants be open next May/jun. if so I can give you more reviews. I’ll try and put a post of my experiences and opinions if I don’t get too deep into also drinking my way around the world at the same time :wink: I’m gonna aim for these choices if they are open
La Hacienda de San Angel
Akershus (dinner for the Norwegian food which will be new to me)
Nine Dragons (new to me)
Biergarten (new to me)
Tutto Italia (new to me)
Takumi-Tei if it’s open (Tokyo Dining if it’s not since I haven’t done that one)
Restaurant Marrakesh (new to me)
Monsieur Paul (new to me)
Rose and Crown Dining Room (new to me)
Le Cellier (new to me)

I’m also thinking of trying Tiffins, Flying Fish and Skipper Canteen if I can’t get all the Epcot dinners if they aren’t all open yet and any of them are (I know Flying Fish is currently closed).

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