Planning multi gen trip for next summer

I’m starting to plan a family trip with my son and DL with a young teenage son and preschool daughter. I’ve been looking at CBR family suite and adding express passes to our tickets just because of the time of year we will be going either late May or early June. I’ve thought about staying only part of the time on property for the early entry benefit and looking else where for the rest of the week just to give us more room because sleeping arrangements will be awkward. I’ve went on a solo trip last year and it was during Sept and didn’t add the express and opted for single rider lines and really enjoyed CBR. Am I on the right track with my logic and when is a good time to book to get the most bang for my buck? Appreciate any feedback.

If you can - stay at a DELUXE to get EX PASS FREE - I think you will find that the numbers will be better than staying a CBR and adding EXPRESS. Offset your costs by buying tickets from Undercover Tourist or similar. Or shorten your trip by a day. The Express Pass in invaluable. We had it when we went and I would not ever go without it.

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To specifically answer your question - I book as early as possible just to “have it” I’ll then continue to check and call back and as I see rates change - I grab them. When we went I rebooked about 4 times - eventually getting our price down considerably while also upgrading to a water view (not worth it at full price IMHO). Just ensure that you can cancel without issue. I booked tickets and room separate for maximum savings and flexibility. I started out about nine months out. I actually had reservations at Portafino and Royal Pacific - eventually dropped the Royal Pacific

Thanks for the feedback starting to do more price checking with the other resorts and tickets