Planning for next fall

Hello all- My daughter and I are planning a trip in August (staying at AoA) for 6 nights, then planning on going back November 30 for three nights to hit MVMCP and do some shopping. I tentatively have a room only reservation for November at Pop Century, as I anticipate upgrading our tickets to an AP upon arrival (we’re also anticipating going in 2018 with my sister and nieces). The questions I have are: 1. Keep tentative reservation all the way through the August trip, despite potential for Bounce Back offers to be there? 2. Try renting DVC points in the fall for the shorter stay, so that we can feel like we’re splurging for Christmas (that trip IS her Christmas present). 3. Cancel room before leaving to see if there are AP discounts on room only reservations for next Fall’s trip? As much as I love planning Disney trips, I suddenly find myself overwhelmed with options. Not to mention feeling crazy for planning two trips in less than 90 days of each other. Any thoughts or suggestions?

You are unlikely to find a bounceback or AP offer as good as renting DVC points if you want to stay at a Deluxe. BUT BB/AP offers have the benefit of being much more flexible if something happens that your plans change, and also will give you good deals on moderates that would likely be cheaper than a DVC rental.
In my experience when I had AP, BB offers were better than AP offers, not sure it that’s still the case.
Agree, keep the Pop reservation to allow you to book ADRs and FPP, then book a new BB or AP reservation and cancel the Pop res if you find something better.

Since your Pop reservation is room only, you can cancel up to 5 days before arrival with no penalty, so you have plenty of time to wait for discounts or research DVC.

I think the BB in November would be Free Dining if it was offered. You would also have to purchase tickets. With your plans for that weekend another discount may be best?

Thanks all!