Planning a Year in Advance - President's Day 2020

Hey There,

I’m currently planning a Disney World trip for President’s Day 2020 at Beach Club. I know packages won’t release until probably June, but I’m wondering if I should book my room now so that it’s on hold?

Once June rolls around, can I then bundle my reserved room into a package with tickets?


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In the past when I booked a room only reservation and then wanted to change it to a package wdw travel has canceled my room only, refunded that money, and asked for a new deposit. I think it would be easier to wait the two months.

great, thanks!

@PrincipalTinker is correct.

However, unless there is a reason you want to package it, you could always just buy your tickets separately later. If they offer a room only discount, they can apply that. Of course, if you want to get the Dining Plan, then I would wait as was suggested. Otherwise book the room, and buy tickets from UT or something.