Planning a May trip

I’m going to Disney for my 40th birthday and it’s a girls trip! Im so excited. It’s not as long as I would like but we are going for 5 nights. Here’s the plan so far:

Meal plans
Bull & Bear
Victoria & Alberts (or Monsieur Paul if I can’t get a VA res)

Animal Kingdom
Discovery cove
Full resort day

Four seasons

Highlights will be Wild Africa Trek, drinking around the world, monorail crawl on our departure day, renting daybeds and snorkeling at Discovery cove, resort day at Four Seasons, and of course the FOOD.

I would love to do all 4 parks but I’m not sure we will fit them in. Maybe we will figure out a way to swing in to MK quickly with a park hopper.


I can’t wait to hear about Bull & Bear! It is on my son’s list of restaurants he wants to try.

Your plans sound amazing!


Thank you :heart:. I’ve been to Bull and Bear twice and I LOVE it. The food is so good and I feel like for the quality, experience and being used to Disney prices the bill wasn’t bad. Definitely get the fried chicken. The mashed potatoes were the best I’ve ever had. It’s such a special meal and I think they renovated the restaurant so I’m excited to see what has changed.

I can’t wait.

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I’m not sure how the Disney Springs’ dinners would interfere with this, but you could do MK the night of your AK day and HS the night of your Discovery Cove day.

If you purchased G+ on your Discovery Cove day, you could stack LL for the evening at HS and get 5-6 rides in during the last 2 hours HS is open.

Yes I am hoping for an after hours at MK or HS one of our days. I’m not sure if we are going to do hoppers or not. If we do hoppers I would do HS in the morning before Epcot and MK the night of AK. The night of Discovery cove we are going to the boathouse and Disney springs. I want to keep this trip kind of relaxed but I always end up going nonstop. Haha

Discovery cove is running a deal for 15% off day beds. I know they are always running different deals on admission (30% right now, I’ve also seen free drink package and gift cards) but I never paid attention to day beds. 15% isn’t really enough to make me jump at it right now but has anyone noticed better deals than that popping up?

I’m going to buy my tickets through undercover tourist. Also, is Seaworld fun? I’m going back and forth on going to Seaworld (it’s a $30 upgrade to add it to our discovery cove ticket) our departure day or doing a monorail crawl. 2 completely different things lol.

Has anyone stayed at Saratoga Springs DVC? I cancelled my margaritaville res and I’m thinking I will stay on property. I’m using David’s DVC but the GF Villa I was trying to get sold out. The only other availability for my dates is Saratoga $546 and Old key west 420. (Two nights) Worth it? Or should I just pay more for a different property?

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I have stayed at SSR. It is very, very big but depending on where you are staying, you can often walk to DS. I always have a car of Uber/Lyft to my building.


I would be wanting to use Disney transportation. That’s part of why I want to stay on property. We won’t have a car. I do like being close to DS. I’ve heard there are a lot of bus stops so I think I’m going to pass and just book a regular room instead of DVC.

I remember thinking POR was big until I stayed at SSR.


I’m looking at OKW. It’s also very big but more affordable and I like the vibe better. Plus 2 queen beds.

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Passed on OKW because the rooms seem outdated. Back to the drawing board. I’m going to wait and see if some deals come out.

The room refurbs seemed to be completed in 2019, and lobby in 2021? I think OKW was the first in the new cycle, before SSR?

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I watched a video from a month ago and it doesn’t look like they did much because a lot of it is outdated still. Plus it seems better for people who have a car.

I think the size of the resort would be the same issue as SSR.

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Right. It is the same. I’m looking at beach club right now. It’s more $. Less than Poly but very convenient for Epcot and HS so I might splurge. Not sure yet.

I ended up booking Beach club. :beach_umbrella: it makes the most sense for our park day at HS & Epcot. I’m excited to check out the pool mid day. I am going to try to get an Ohana res our first day so I get that vibe right away though. I’ve never gotten a reservation. If I can’t maybe I will do tambu but I want to use that table credit.

We loved beach club! Good pick, enjoy!

Yay! Thank you for affirming my choice! I’m feeling better about it. (Poly was calling me a bit)

We stayed Poly our first stay -then split beach and wilderness our last trip. We just really loved how close Epcot was. And the cast members were so nice. Cape May breakfast was great. Pool bar has good pool side delivery— hot dogs for my kids. So yea we enjoyed it a lot!

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