Planning a different stay - for June!

We are still planning the fall of 2022 retirement trip, however all this planning makes me want to be at Disney sooner rather than later. We’ve had a few sad things happen and the idea of going to the happiest place on earth sounds really good! So since I’m still a teacher I have limited selection of when to go and I was playing around on the Disney website and we want to go early June before Father’s Day. And while we will keep an eye on the coronavirus, we aren’t going it stop this much needed vacation.

So now I have questions that I thought I had 2 years to figure out.

  1. are all the 3rd party ticket vendors that pop up in the ticket finder reliable?
  2. if I don’t buy the tickets through Disney I’m assuming I can add them to my reservation at some point, correct?
  3. how much of a deposit does Disney require?
  4. can Memory Maker be added at anytime or does it needed to be at the start?
  5. I should get my ADR going ASAP once I get my rooms, right? Do I have to have my tickets too?

I think that’s it for the moment. I’m so glad I found this forum! Thanks!

  1. Not sure
  2. Once you have your room only reservation, and you have your tickets, you can link them to this reservation
  3. Deposit for room only reservation = Cost of one night stay
  4. Memory maker can be added at any time but it is significantly cheaper if you add it early (I think the cut off for the discount is 30 days but I might be off on that)
  5. You could start making ADRs right now if you wanted. You don’t have to have a reservation or tickets to do so…you just have to have a Disney account (and MDE on your phone if you want to do it from your phone). The idea of getting up at 6 am 180 day in advance is useful if you have very specific times and places you want to eat and are going at a very busy time, and for CRT, Victoria and Alberts, etc…but for the middle of June there is still plenty of availability at most of the restaurants…and even if you can’t find a reservation for something you have your heart set on, just set a reservation finder—it has worked for me every time.
    …and of course: Hooray for a sooner trip!
  1. We haven’t used all of the vendors that show up on the ticket finder, but all the ones we have used are reliable. We have used Boardwalk Ticketing, Official Ticket Center and Undercover Tourist. We picked the vendor that had the lowest ticket price for our specific ticket needs. Sometimes one company has lower base ticket prices and another has lower hopper ticket prices.

  2. Yes, you can link your 3rd party tickets to your MDE account. They will come with a code for linking to MDE. Make sure you purchase your tickets prior to your 60 day mark. You need a linked ticket to make advance FPPs.

  3. first night paid in full for room only stays. I am not sure about packages.

  4. Not sure about Memory Maker

  5. You can start booking your ADRs for June at any time. Anyone can book an ADR 180 days out; tickets and room reservations are not required for ADRs booking. Guests with onsite Disney reservations can make ADRs at 180 days for their length of stay, but you are already passed 180 days for all of June.

Good luck with all your planning! Early June can be a really nice time to visit. My dad had some truly lovely weather then a few years ago. It can certainly be hot and the afternoons often have thunderstorms so pack rain gear.
A few more tips for June FPP:

  1. Prioritize outside attractions for advance FPPs from your list of FPP candidates - outside attractions will close if there is lightening in the area.
  2. Test Track (if you want to ride it) is a good pick for Tier 1 at EP for advance FPPs. TT often has a delayed opening and it closes due to thunderstorms unlike the other EP headliners.
  3. Prioritize FP usage for attractions with outdoor queues. For example, Jungle Cruise has an outdoor queue. It’s covered, but no AC and it moves slowly. Pirates queue is inside and cool. Pick JC if choosing between the 2.

Best to add Memory Maker at least 3 days before your trip. You save $30.


Deposit paid!!! MagicBands selected!!! I was torn between purple and stitch but purple won!

I second the reservation finder. That tool is one of the most useful here, and has come through for tough to grab reservations many times.

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  1. Packages: $200. Hotel only: one night stay.
  1. I used Tripster because they were cheapest, and everything linked just fine.

  2. Yes you can link your tickets - just double check with the vendor that you will either get hard tickets in the mail or a confirmation number prior to your FPP day. If you get confirmation numbers and don’t have magic bands for everyone, you will have to go pick up hard tickets.

  3. You can add MM at any time. If you get it 3+ days before first pictures it is cheaper. If you get it closer or during or after, $30 more. (Might look for a MM share if you want to save some money?)

  4. Start making ADR now - not ticket or room needed to make ADR 180 out, one day at a time. So you could book your whole trip at this point. Use the reservation finder for anything you don’t get.

You will have a great trip! I, more often than not, plan my trips on this time frame.

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Thanks for all the tips!! Things are shaping up. We have 6 day park hoppers we got from ticket finder vendor and they linked up great! Have been making a few ADR and think I’m mostly getting lucky. I do have one dilemma and that is which BOG breakfast ADR should I use. We get in on Tuesday late morning and I got a 12:35 Chef Mickey brunch for while we wait for ECVs and room. Figure we can head to MK that evening and then MK on Wednesday. Please take a look at Wednesday I’m not sure which way to go. I’m including Tuesday evening so you can see what MK we may have already done. Thanks!