Planning 1st Disneyland Visit - Which choice is best

Planning our first visit to Disneyland for 2021. We’d prefer lowest crowds - we’ll be doing 4 days at the parks and can do weekdays if thats best.

I have narrowed down these 3 time frames - would love insight on what to pick

Spring - sometime after Easter before Memorial Day
Last 2 weeks of August
Fall - Last 2 weeks of Sept or 1st week of Oct

Can anyone verify if these would indeed be typical lower crowd times? Also how is the weather at these times? Any rainy season to avoid? Wouldn’t want to go when its super hot (90s) but would love swimming weather (80s)

Greatly appreciate any advice - I feel like I finally got a handle on WDW but very overwhelmed with DL

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Here’s a source for weather info throughout the year (lots of graphs): . I haven’t been to DL yet, but I’m starting to gather info such as this.

Of the times you suggested, I would avoid August. It is generally the hottest month of the year and can be stifling. If you want to be there for Halloween (just for the decor or if you want to attend a party), September is great. It can get pretty busy in October - Halloween is a popular time for locals, who are the primary force in whether the park feels busy or not.

Spring is probably my favorite time to go - cooler temperatures but still warm enough for wet rides, low crowds, etc. Just check the crowd calendar and make sure you’re not there for a rush.

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I’m going this year in your “Fall” time frame. (Last 2 weeks of Sept.)

The crowds are historically lower, fewer attractions down for refurbishment and fun Halloween decor.

I am going Mon. - Friday only to avoid the crowds.

I can’t speak about the weather, but it’s got to be better than where I live. (TN) It’s still 90+ most days in September.


The Halloween decorations were amazing!

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We’ve been during last week of Sept and it was pretty busy, busier than I expected with Halloween crowds starting to ramp up. Totally worth it, just need to have a good plan and your expectations set for crowded walkways. That was also pre-MP, which I think would have helped (we walk a lot less across the park with MP than we used to).

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We’re going the week after Easter but pretty much only because it coincides with the kids’ spring break.

The week after Labor Day tends to be pretty low. Also the two weeks before thanksgiving and the week after thanksgiving have pretty good crowds.

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