Planned Forum downtime sometime around 10-11pm central

We’ll be running some maintenance which includes turning off the setting of subscriber groups and trust level 3 groups for now, until the Discourse development team fixes a bug on their end.

We’re also re-configuring the server to accept larger images, since we think the issue with image uploads has been a 2MB file size limit. We’re going to set the limit higher and see if that solves everyone’s upload problems.

Changing that value requires a server restart, so we may as well take advantage of the downtime and upgrade the forum software. A few bugfixes have been submitted over the last few days, and while I dont think any of them were ever bugs that were specifically mentioned on here, who knows.

I’ll post back in here once everything is done.

Any fix for the underscore in the name problem yet? I still seem to be at basic trust level, and I assume that is the issue.

Thanks for all the fixes you guys have already done. There certainly had been an improvement in load speed on my phone.

I think we’re going to hold off on setting Subscriber or trust level 3 groups for now, so the underscore thing shouldnt be an issue.

One of the reasons for moving away from the trust level 3 thing is we found out the forum software runs a script every night to make sure all trust level 3 people still met the requirements. Since one of the requirements is 50 days of usage, this would mean everyone would be getting kicked out of level 3 every single night, and need to log back in. So over the next day or so, we probably wont have any level 3 people any more.

We also moved away from the Subscriber groups, because of a bug in the software that set the max group size to 200 users. But the only perk right now for people in the Subscriber group is the La Cava category. So until that bug is fixed, Laurel has opened up the La Cava chat for all users (since all users are likely Lines subscribers anyways).

We’ve had a few false starts, but this is a learning experience for us too! :smile: Once the group bug is fixed, we’ll re-institute the Subscriber groups, and at that time, you should be automatically added because there’s a fix for the underscore issue. We’re giving the forum developers another day to fix the group bugs, and if they dont do it by then, we have a backup plan for subscriber groups. So there should be a resolution to it all relatively soon.

Looks like we’re back. Official downtime was from 10pm to 11:20pm central. The forum probably appeared to be online intermittently through this period as it was rebooted a few times to install new updates. The upgrade lasted a little longer than planned due to unexpectedly running out of server space and having to upgrade the disk size. :-/

Changes included:

Replacing the default server image with a new image that uses level 8 gzip data compression (instead of level 5), and has a maximum file upload of 8MB (instead of 2MB).

Updating to the newest version of Discourse, which had several bug fixes

Increasing the disk size for the server

What does this mean for you?

The biggest change is the image upload size limit. Hopefully changing it from 2mb to 8mb will fix the upload issues people have been having. A lot of the issues have been from iPhones, and I think it’s because the default image size from a photo taken by an iPhone is greater than 2 MB.

There were also lots of smaller background bug fixes, that hopefully enhances the user experience of the forum for some of you.


Hilarious! I spent countless hours resizing images to meet standards. The humanity!

P.s. Thanks for the upgrades :point_up:

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Was I supposed to lose all La Cava topics in the upgrade? The reason I’m asking is…well, I have. Lost all of it, that is. Every topic. :scream_cat:

Aaaaaack I’m a regular user again too. Make it stop!

@daybreaker me no likey.

Do they come back if you refresh the page?

No I’m afraid not. And my cure-all solution of logging out and in does not help either. All likes and replies are gone from my profile that had anything to do with the subscriber area. It’s like none of it ever happened. :cry:

Hey you fixed it. Magic hands! Ta Dah! :sparkles:

You said Leader stuff was poofing though, right? Because it has.

Yep. I think the same thing that made the leader stuff go away is also what made the La Cava chat go away. I had to reset some permissions and stuff. I’ve notified @LaurelStewart and I think we have a solution for it already

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I appreciate that my Leader status is at the top of your priority list. At least that’s how I interpreted what you said. Carry on. Important work to be done!

(But in all seriousness, thanks)

Thanks for making my iphone pics work! I just uploaded one. Excellent!

so should I log out and back in again to be a leader again? @daybreaker

The code for that should be actually be removed. So I think by tomorrow, logging out and back in wont re-add level 3/leader status.

Not because we dont think you guys should be leaders, but because there were other technical reasons behind the decision, like the fact that level 3 users would be reset every night by the forum software.

Thank you, @daybreaker! I’m now able to upload a picture from my iPhone 4s.