Planet Hollywood reservations for 7

Looks like rescheduling ADRs is opened back up, and you can book some through August 2 at the moment.

But, when we were playing around looking for Planet Hollywood reservations (which we previously had, but was cancelled), we can no longer book for 7 it seems.

I’ll have to try calling to see if there is a way around this. But apparently with how they are socially distancing tables, they are positioned not to allow 7? I’m not sure what the seating is like at PH to know if they can work around this for us. It will be annoying if our ONE family dinner for the trip at an ADR is disallowed. :confused:

Our social distancing restaurant rules are no tables larger than 6. I am guessing this is the case in FL also unfortunately.

Apparently large families are not allowed. :wink:

Hmm. Can’t just be a Florida rule thing. Homecomin’, Morimoto, and Paradiso 37 all allow parties of 7, it seems.

Well, I can’t book until next week anyhow…but I’ll probably have to call.

Maybe someone else has some insight. Good luck.

You looked at Open Table too?

We checked OpenTable a few days ago…it, too, won’t allow booking more than 6 people.

But prior to Disney cancelling our original reservation, we had 7 booked for the reservation. So it has to be related to social distancing changes, I’m sure. What I’m not sure of is if there is a way they can get around it by temporarily moving tables or something. Again, I don’t really know how things are laid out at Planet Hollywood since we’ve never been.

And any one of them would be a better choice than PH…

It wasn’t really our choice. This trip is our son’s graduation trip, where he got to decide on certain aspects of the trip. Unfortunately, most of the plans have been ruined, such doing The VOID…but he got to choose the one TS place for the trip. He wanted a good burger, and Planet Hollywood was the only thing at Disney Springs that sounded good to him.

Anyhow, we might change it to Homecomin’ instead. He said he’s okay with that.

Read Trip Advisor. There are some 5-star reviews, but also a number of 1 and 2 star reviews. Even the positive ones comment on the painfully high volume of the music which makes conversation all but impossible. That would be a showstopper for me, especially if it’s supposed to be a “family meal”.

Don’t worry. We are fully aware of the reviews. Like I said, choosing the one TS for this trip is up to my son. AJ from DFB Guide basically puts it at the bottom of her list!

But PH ends up being taken out of our hands since they won’t any longer allow parties of 7. Homecomin’ does. So when my son looked at the options that allow 7 guests, it is now the winner.

I feel bad for him, though. Almost everything he wanted in this trip originally has been impacted. :confused:

My oldest picked Planet Hollywood for his 18th birthday meal and apart from the loud music, it was actually really good. The food and cocktails were excellent. I hope your son gets there one day! But Homecomin’ is amazing, I don’t think he’ll be disappointed. It sucks that he’s not getting the things he wanted.

Same rules here: In Ohio.

This morning was our ADR day. It was uneventful, since we had exactly one reservation to make. But we now have reservations for 7 at Homecomin’ on August 10.

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I don’t know of any such rules here in Pensacola. We went to our favorite Teppanyaki restaurant on Saturday and there appeared to be NO distancing. The tables are set up in large “C” shapes with 20 seats and a teppan on either end. Virtually every table was in use, and virtually every seat was filled; we were in the middle with a group of 8 to our left and a group of 9 to our right. This is NOT in keeping with current FL regulations, but this being the FL panhandle, it seems that some places - or at least some employees - just don’t care.