Plan won't recalculate

This plan is forcing a break for 182 minutes. I didn’t put it there. I can’t remove it. I even copied the plan over and tried to evaluate the copy.

thoughts? suggestions?

I do NOT want to Optimize the plan. In doing so, it gives me a 130 min break and puts the rides in an order I don’t want.

You need to add more attractions. You have all that free time because there is nothing to fill the time?

Did you take care of this, or edit?
Random thoughts:
I see 130 minutes free, not 1 130 minute break
You have manually scheduled a 5 minute potty break every hour in the am. Is that what you want to do?

I’d say that Aladdin sticks out as out of place in the am. It seems like it would be better during that 46 minute free time around Pirates and JC. Splash seems out of place as well, but this may just be the software calculating wait time vs walking time.

You do not have to optimize, you can place things in the order you’d like, and then evaluate.

My guess is that maybe the software hit the threshold for wait times vs walking times in a few spots which makes this seem a little zig-zaggy. You might do better if you adjust the walking speed, or the walking settings.

Again, just random thoughts.

Yes, I edited it. I was able to fix it. I think the Move it Shake it was making it stuck, although I can’t be sure.

I have manually entered 5 min potty breaks for the kiddo. :slight_smile:
I am big on doing one section at a time and then moving on - even if it takes me longer to tour.

What I see is that your rests are at certain times and you’ve set them so there’s only so much leeway. The plan is making you wait until you go to your assigned rest. Change those times or increase their flexibility and you’ll be able to decrease you wait time.

You are going all the way across the park to do Under the Sea but you only have 3 attractions scheduled after 5:30. You plan ends early if you are staying until park closes. Are you really going to Under the Sea but not stopping at any other attractions in the area?

Your zig-zagging in this one doesn’t really reflect the whole, “one section at a time and moving on” attack model.

Just look at step 1, and step 19.(I know 1 is a meal, but there’s more to this…)
10-15 is almost a perfect circle and a half.

Splash and aladdin are out of place, imo, unless you need to do them in that order.

Not sure I’d trek down to that area for the parade, but it seems like it does “pick up” there - lots of cheering, lots of dragon fire-blasts.

Just a lot of zigzagging going on. Just an opinion.

I’ve made some changes:

@seebee @PrincipalTinker
This touring plan assumes I won’t get a FP for 7DMT (offsite this time!); and I don’t want to waste a FP on WTP. From some blog reading, it was suggested to do WTP before 10am. So while I am in a bit of a circular loop around 7DMT, BOG, WTP, and Under the Sea, it is because of that suggestion - and the walking is minimal from my recollection. My current plan is 2 days in MK - one day being ride focused, and the other being meet and greet focused. Dumbo, and the other rides in that area will happen on Day 2.

I am going a bit out of my way to eat at Columbia Harbor House, but that is because I feel the people in my party would prefer that menu over Pecos Bill. I also want to catch the parade in this area in hopes to find some shade (comical, right?!). The touring plans software doesn’t allow you to choose where to watch the parade - it automatically puts you on Main Street. So, step 14 in this plan is a misnomer. No way I will be trekking down there and then back to Adventureland. This version also puts Pirates before Jungle Cruise, then Aladdin carpets.

We do plan to stay until the fireworks. However, with a 3 year old and 7 year olds I want to remain as flexible as possible. I also strongly feel that the Crowd Level expectations will increase and most of these wait times will increase. The one thing I don’t like about this current plan is the Jungle Cruise FP isn’t happening until 5pm. I feel at that point, it will be too late to score a 4th fast pass. But JC is a must do for us. Splash Mountain might get skipped - as the 3 yr old can’t and 1 of the 7 yr olds refuses to ride it.

For the parade, see if you can find a food cart near where you want to watch, then put in a dining for that cart and list the time it will take for the parade. Make sure you don’t have any flexibility set up, so it doesn’t try to get you there too early.

I noticed you have #7, potty break at 10:50am, but an 8 min wait for that break. You can change the time of #7 or increase the flexibility to 20 mins instead of 10 and it will put it right after Peter Pan instead of having you wait.

You have your lunch at 1:30, then nothing scheduled until your 2:50 ice cream. Is that just flex time?

1:30 lunch - 2:50 ice cream is flex time, in case it’s hot, or we end up waiting 20 min for food. it will be crowded the day we are there. and i will want to sit for 10 min or so after we finish before jumping back up and going back outside. I’m a bit worried about the mid afternoon Florida April sun. I’m a pasty Marylander. :slight_smile:

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The plan is looking good ! A couple of questions: 1. Are you leaving the park at 7:00pm? 2.Will you wait almost an hour for Splash?

I think you have extra time at Big Thunder but it allows you some flexibility .

@PrincipalTinker - I have a placeholder 7:20pm ADR at The Wave. Not sure if I will keep it or not. I have not eaten there yet. Diner in MK that nite is extremely limited for a party of 5. Ideally, we would return in time to walk leisurely down Main Street and find a great spot for Wishes.

No, I will not wait 1 hour for Splash. I am taking this touring plan to my friend this weekend so we can discuss and adjust. I suspect that she will not want to wait 1 hour either, but I want to give her the option. We are also missing Jasmine & Aladdin meet and greet and Talking Mickey that I need to somehow add in this plan.

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