Plan Question

Why would the plan have us going to Star Tours at opening and SDD later? Should we rope drop SDD?


Your plan isn’t visible, you need to tick the box to publish it and then within the body of the plan it gives you an url to copy and paste here.

Got it, I think…

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You did! I think the plan is telling you to go to SDD later because they don’t have enough data yet to accurately predict your wait. Will you be getting to the park well in advance of opening?

I’d manually switch SDD and Star Tours, then evaluate not optimise to see what that does to your waits.


Touring Plans assumes that you’ll arrive at the park for opening and doesn’t assume you’ll be in front of crowd (by arriving 45-60 mins to park opening).

If you do arrive at 9:00, it makes sense to avoid the bid headliner (SDD) as everybody will head that way. You could have the time to experience 1-2 other attractions before going in line at 9:30 (where the wait should be the same as 9:00, if not less).

However, if you plan to RD by arriving 45-60 mins to park opening, you’ll be able to experience SDD with minimal wait. For your plan’s evaluation, I would add a lunch at Woody’s for 15 mins at the start of your day (about the time it should take you to ride and exit SDD) and I would optimze your plan again.

Another thing: Because everybody is going to SDD at the start of the day, it is quite possible that wait time for Toy Story Mania or AS2 will be minimal before 9:30-9:45. If so, I would ride Toy Story Mania Stand-By and then use your FP+ for it.

If you’re ahead of the crowd, I think you could do:
-SDD (at RD)
-TSM or AS2
-TSM (FP+)
-Star Tour

Have a nice trip !

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Thank you for the responses, I understand it better now!