Plan my night at the Grand Floridian!

A little background…I am headed down to Orlando in May to look at houses and I decided to treat myself to a one night stay at Disney. I snagged a great deal at Port Orleans Riverside and had a nice evening planned with a boat to disney springs, dinner, etc. Then I received a call from Disney and was upgraded to the GF!!!

So my challenge, help me plan my night! I’ll be there from late afternoon until noon the next day with no park tickets and would prefer no TS meals.

Rent a boat if still open when you get there
Qs dinner/dessert/drinks as your preference at monorail hotels
Watch fireworks
Go to bed/enjoy your nice room!
Pool in the morning
If you couldn’t rent a boat arrival day, rent a boat

Get out in the morning and take the short stroll to the Poly and enjoy the wonderful grounds and landscaping. Always beautiful but very much so at dawn and dusk. Then walk back to the GF, taking in the view of it from the nice walk.

Have fun, whatever you do!

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Do you have time for afternoon tea?

I’m a little intimidated by the boats but that is a fun idea!

This did cross my mind. I’m just not sure what my schedule with the realtor will look like that day as it will be my last full day. I would love to try to work it in. Looks so delicious!

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Wow! What a nice upgrade!

No clue on non-TS at GF. I’m actually planning a bit of an afternoon there for my upcoming trip. Starting at Trader Sams and then hoping over to GF for a drink at the Enchanted Rose. I know you said no TS but we’re eating at Grand Floridian Cafe (and their prices are very good IMO for TS at Disney).

I always check out the resort activity calendars. Not posted yet for March but there are usually only minor changes month to month.

The Grand Floridian Cafe looks like a good option for breakfast. Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t think I had ever heard of it. Drinks are definitely on the agenda. Can you take drinks from Trader Sams to the Poly beach? Hmm

Forget your question…I want to know the deets on that!

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I wish I knew! These things never happen to me! It was just random. Maybe because it is a 1 person/1 night reservation I was just easy to move around?

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Sorry, I have no idea if that’s permitted. I will say that I’ve been known to stroll around property - including on the skyliner - with my can of wine (or if I’m feeling classy / am carrying a bag - I use my tumbler). I’ve only had to ditch drinks going into/out of parks. I’m also a big fan of not asking for permission and just going with it. I figure as long as I’m not acting like a fool or a jerk, nobody is paying any attention to me.


I second @ryan1. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Funny. My son just contacted me. He got a communication from Disney concerning his one night stay at Port Orleans in May. Know what they offered him? You guessed it…a free upgrade to the the Grand Floridian!

Anyhow, he opted to keep his room at Port Orleans. Crazy kid. Anyhow, thought it was ironic it happened right after reading about your situation.

Be right back…got to make a ressie at POR for May…


Interesting, Port Orleans must be really overbooked. I was looking forward to staying there myself but I can never say no to an upgrade. :grin:

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Apparently my son can! But PO is a nice enough resort. They (DS and DDIL) only have one night, and plan to go to Disney Springs so I guess it makes sense. Still…the GF!

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