Plan help - system giving me finger on FP+

I’m struggling to get the system to use my fast passes. They may not be the best selections but they are all I got. Also seeing odd wait times for things that shouldn’t have wait times.

FPP: Beauty Musical 1100; Lil Mermaid 1230;rockin’ 1245; spinning saucers 1505; fantasmic (after 1st pass) 2000
it used the Saucers, some how. but the shows should be automatic, I don’t get it.
It shows a 101m wait for B&B Musical (probably killing the plan) and a ~134m wait for Sunset Season’s Greetings. I’ve replaced the later with a break.

I’m having similar issues with the AK. I’ve got FP+ for Pals, safari, and navi river. None of them are used. And I’m trying to do a rope drop dash to first flight.

Not sure what i’m missing.

If you go into advanced options, there’s a button to force the plan to use your FPs.

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In the area where you indicate your FPP there is a “force optimize to use FPP selection” button in the lower left corner gray box when you select advanced options.

Use the force.


It’s still not working for Na’vi river or any of the shows.

Odd. Can you share here?

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I think I figured it out. I just can’t optimize

Well that’s entirely screwed up isn’t it. I’d start from scratch rather than trying to change a preset plan.

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Is there a good place to take a nap in the AK?

Nemo? Cool, dark…

Or back porch of Nomad :smiley: :smiley: on one of the couches

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You’re pretty awesome @OBNurseNH


Why thank you! I’m blushing!

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@OBNurseNH Is a AK mickey Pals fastpass at 9:40 a waste? We are planning to arrive early. Trying to figure out if we should use it for the 1st LK or Nemo show. We’ve never been and want to let our 2yr get the most out of it.

I have never used a FPP for those two shows. Theaters are large and seats are all great. For a little one it is probably worth using one for meeting the mouse :heart:

On a only marginally related note, where’s a good place to nap in DHS?

We tried resting in launch pad, but my daughter kept asking to see Chewy. So we left for lunch and she took a nap in car. HS is pretty chill. Not a full packed day. Especially if you don’t do the coasters.

Dependent on the age of your little ones I would allow a lot more time in the boneyard … my son spent hours in there and it was his favourite part of the parc by far

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We’re trying to avoid launch bay entirely. We saw the one at DL and, while kind of cool, my kids ended up spending an hour playing some video game that we could play over a web browser at home. :roll_eyes: How dare they have fun that’s not on the schedule?!

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