Plan for Our Trip: Part 2, HS and Resort Stuff

Part 1 was basically just MK, and I’m fairly confident in that plan. This part of the plan is mostly for HS and I have to say that I am struggling. I cannot find a pattern in crowd movement other than “not crowded before official opening” and “crowded after official opening” Some rides go down in wait time after 2:00 and 3:00, but we are also trying to avoid crowds, not just waits. So, here it is, let me know what should be changed. It starts a littl unorthodox. My husband does not get Disney FOMO. He wants to make sure the kids get to do all they want. So he is dropping us off at the Speedway (or maybe on the other side of the street so we don’t have to cross- depends on if we can hit that light.) and then going to park the van himslef while we walk in ahead. Isn’t he the greatest :heart: We’re planning on getting to Speedway at 7:30. Hopefully it doesn’t take three kids and a mom longer tan 15 minutes to hoof it to temp check.

Dec 15: Hollywood Studios (Park Hours 9:00-7:00pm)
Arrive at Temp Check by 7:45 without Hubs. Order of attack-
MFSR for the two tweens to pilot (I know everyone says SDD first, but I really want to see SWGE with no people and get a few good pics in front of the Falcon with no people. We actually have to ride this one twice. Priority.)
Here is where I’m fuzzy- I don’t know if DH will be back with us by the time we are done with SDD. Should we just do other TSL rides until he meets back up with us?
Once DH rejoins, back over to MFSR because frankly the two of us passionately want to pilot the falcon. I’m hoping he joins us before that line gets too long.
RNR with rider swap
ToT if we can muster up our courage. I really want to ride it to see what it is like, but I hate drop rides. DD10 wants to “see inside” but not ride. Not a priority, but if we can and are feeling brave, it’s a maybe. I’ve never been brave enough yet.
Both ToT and RNR are expendable here because…
11:30 Hollywood and Vine Lunch ADR
12:30 Droid Depot reservation for the older two
1:30 we have two choices that I can see. We can get holiday treats from the park and hang out in the area near Launch Bay, people watching and eating treats- we bought a collapsible drink and snack carrier so that one parent can go get the snacks while the other sits somewhere with the kids. OR we could take the ferry to the Beaches and Cream walk up window and get a shake that my husband really wants to try- he probably deserves it after volunteering to drop us off early and park the car himself. I’m also not clear on what time to aim to be back in the park/actively trying to get into lines. I guess this depends on ROTR as well.
4:00??? TMM
Alien Saucers(it’s kind of important that we ride this after dark at least once. The kids think the holiday lighting looks like so much fun!)
MMRR, we are planning on riding this last.

I think it’s so wishy washy because even though it is a must-do park, there are not very many must-do attractions. The ones that are there are BIG must-dos though! It seems like there is the potential for a lot of time just milling around in crowds, which I don’t want. My plan needs help. TP says we’ll be done with everything by 2:00pm with no break and starting at 9:00…

After leaving HS, we will be riding around FtW in our golf cart to see how everyone has decorated their campsite! I’ve heard the decorations get elaborate.

Dec. 16: Resort day, check out of FtW and into CBR
8:00am Horseback Riding for me and the older two (I haven’t called to schedule, I’m hoping this timeslot is still available)
9:00-10:30: whatever the resort has to offer- canoeing? Basketball courts? Pool?
Check out and head to Chef Mickey
11:30 ADR Chef Mickey
12:30: I know our room won’t be ready at the CBR yet, but I’m hoping they’ll let us use the pool/parking earlier in the day. The pool and skyliner are the reasons we are staying here one night. We plan on swimming and doing a “skyliner crawl” while other guests are in the parks.
5:00pm Dinner at Banana Cabana
6:00 leave to go to Night of a Million Lights at Give Kids The World Village. We are so pumped about this! Our timeslot is at 7:00

Dec 17: Departure day
9:55 ADR Grand Floridian Cafe/ look at christmas decorations
11:00 (or whenever) Disney Springs to do the Christmas Tree Stroll, there are some shops my family wants to see, definitely the ganachery.
By 4:00pm we want to get some Chicken Guy to go (remember we are a party mostly made up of kids LOL, this is perfect for on the road dining) and head back to the chilly North.

Is there anything we should be doing differently? Anything we are expecting that we shouldn’t?

The line for MFSR is mostly outside now, so it would be pretty easy for your DH to join you in line there. That is as long as you haven’t gone inside.

I think SDD is going to take longer than you think, but I could be wrong. My thought is that you will need to go back to MFSR after SDD and DH will either be there already or meet you soon.

I think you will have time after that to do RNRC and TOT before your 11:30 ressie. Then either do the hang-out in the park thing or Beaches and Cream (or both) for a while. If you do go to Beaches and Cream, I would plan to take the Skyliner either there or back. The skyliner is like another ride and very fun.

Late afternoon/evening, knock out TSL and MMRR. I think you have time to do everything without it being too crazy. Sounds fun!

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I’m pretty comfortable saying that your DH will make it back before you guys will be done with SDD. For our 9 AM open, they let people in at 8:15. If that happens the same way, my best guess is that MFSR and then SDD will lead to you getting off SDD close to 9:00. Sounds like DH will be close to the front of the pack for the parking lot, so he should be able to meet you at MFSR no problem.

We were third in our line through the taps at 8:15, headed straight to MMRR and were off at 8:45. Headed straight from MMRR to MFSR and rode that back to back with 10 min wait then 15 min wait.

I hope that helps! It’ll be a great day :slight_smile: we had lots of fun on ASS at night. Walk on, too.


Thank you, these are both really helpful!

Yesterday we were at HS until close. Lines were shorter, but not short. ASS had a 30 minute wait an hour before park close. We did TSM instead, which had a 25 minute wait.

MMRR seemed to have a really short line at one point…but then I noticed it was listed as Temporarily Closed. I overheard a CM tell a guest they didn’t know if it would reopen before the park closed or not. I don’t believe it did, but I am not 100% sure.

Line for TOT was way down in that last hour, as was RnRC, despite Sunset Blvd being so busy with people watching the projections.

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Thank you! We will keep this in mind and adjust our plan. Or maybe adjust our expectations