Plan ? for HS-WHY?

Hi All,
Hoping to pull on your vast knowledge of Touring Plans…my family was a big Disney family when I was a kid but this is our first trip back in about 15 years and my first trip taking my boys (ages 6 and 9). I’ve heard and read nothing but good things about having a TP so I’m working on figuring this out and have a Why?? questions…

For our HS day, TP suggests getting FPs for Fantasmic and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. They are listed as our Group 1 and Group 2 is some of the Toy Story stuff. This doesn’t make much sense to me. Why would it be listed like that. I wouldn’t think a Fantasmic FP should be the 1st thing I get? Help!

Based on your touring plan, you should try to get FastPass+ reservations for the attractions below. This is a prioritized list, and you will save the most time by getting FastPass+ for the attractions highest up the list. Try to get FastPass+ for the first attraction listed. If that is not available, get FastPass+ for the second attraction listed, etc. (Optimize to repopulate this list.)
**Group 1: **
1) Fantasmic!
2) Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
3) Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Group 2:
1) Slinky Dog Dash
2) Alien Swirling Saucers

All the park except MK have tiers. In HS all the TSL rides are in tier 1 (I don’t know why TP calls them group 2, it’s super confusing) and you can only choose 1 in your first 3. And you can choose 2 rides/shows in tier 2, or group 1 (or all 3 if you don’t want to do TSL).

This is suggesting which FPs will save you the most time in each tier. It isn’t telling you to book the group 1s before the group 2.

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I got a Fantasmic FP before and I won’t be doing that again. It prevented us from getting any additional FPs during the day (since you have to go through all 3 initial FPs before you can get more) and we still ended up in crappy seats…

I would also advice against getting a FFP for Indiana Jones. You don’t save any time since you are still required to show up 15-30 mins before showtime and at that time you can get a good seat in stand-by.

Unless you are going between Christmas and New Year. In that case, and if it is a top priority the DO get one.

We saw so many people being turned away from that, plus BATB on Dec 30th. And that was before they even opened the auditorium, just from the numbers already lined up. Around 30 minutes before the show started.

I guess that’s why I’m confused (and a little worried). I’m putting a lot of stock in the power of the TP lol and it doesn’t make sense that it would tell me to get a FP for Fantasmic.

It’s looking at overall wait times for the day. You can play about with it by telling the plan you have certain FPs - obviously making sure you stick to the tiers, because the plan will just take what you tell it - and see how it looks. Just because a plan saves you more wait time overall doesn’t necessarily make it the best plan for you.

Also - TP isn’t planning for you getting more than 3 fast passes, if there are no others in that tier that it thinks will save you more time, it is going to suggest Fantasmic.
You can always pick something else :slight_smile:

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@Khivley- The simplest way for me is to just choose the attractions we want that day. Plug them into the TP. Hit optmize. Rearrange acc to the sequence we’d actually prefer. Hit evaluate. At that point, TP will tell which fpps would make most sense.

Also, to add to Fantasmic info as^, you really don’t need fpp for that. And then it will free up possiblility of 4th fpps or more, in aftn or evening that day. This is my HS TP. It’s still a work in progress. I need to update b/c SDD fpp is for 6:45, only ones I could get.

Also, Scifi adr may not happen, still trying to get.

TSMM obviously needs to be fixed. I’ll probably see how & if can set up 4th fpps late morn. RnR wait time is actually a nonissue, b/c there’s a trick at end of night, whereby really no wait at all.

We’re planning to RD SDD very early, so we’ll ride twice. It may be ok to ride TSMM right after 2 TSL rides. So I have a bit of work left to do as you can see.

But to answer your initial question, by doing the TPs you will save (literally) hours of waiting in lines.

It seems TPs for HS are wonkier than TPs usually are, b/c TSL is so new, methods of planning it are still in progress for many of us I guess. But all the more reason to have a good plan IMO.

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Thanks for the reply! I guess that’s why I’m a little confused. I pretty much did that…chose what we want to see, plug them in TP, hit optimize. I never got to the evaluate step. So after optimize it said FP for Fantasmic and Indiana Jones. I guess I’m not sure what kind of answer I’m looking for lol but just confused based on everything I read. I feel like I’m all about following the TP but would have said in advance those were ones I wouldn’t get a FP for so kinda confused why it suggested it.

Thanks for sharing your plan! We’re getting there :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! My fam doesn’t do shows anymore (just Nemo few yrs ago, this yr LionKing). it does seem strange to me that tp says get fpps for fantasmic and indiana jones.

Saw those explanations given above^. I guess it’s just the wonkiness right now of HS TP. But by choosing what makes sense to you, then evaluating, you should be fine. The TP is my best friend while at Disney. makes me look like a genius to my fam haha!

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