Plan for Grad Nights

I will be at Disneyland for 3 nights beginning June 3. I will not be able to arrive at the park on the 3rd until about 12:00 noon. I have a 3 day park hopper and just discovered that there are grad nights on June 3rd and 5th. So, I need some advice on a plan to contend with the grad nights and which parks to visit on what days. I have read some horror stories about grad nights, unfortunately I will just have to contend with them, as I cannot change my plans. By the way, I am traveling with my wife and 14 yo daughter. Thank you!

Hello! We were during Grad Nights in June 2013. My kids were 9 & 11. We had no issues at all, other than you should know they stick to the more thrilling rides (TOT, Screamin, Space, Indy, etc) so those FP will be gone earlier in the day and the standbys will be longer. Here’s what we did and it worked perfectly: Use EMH if you have it, or RD for sure. Hit the teen favorite rides early on and save the afternoons and evening for shows and non headliners. We encountered no behavioral problems on our 2 days with Grad Nights, the ones we saw were well behaved. I was afraid rides would be down in the mornings due to abuse issues by the teens the night before- again, no issues. I worried about the teens for nothing.