Plan for AK RD

Supposing I get a FPP for FOP on 60+3 and I plan to rope drop AK that day (CL5 in mid May FWIW), would you RD Na’vi or do the rest of the park (KS, EE, Dinosaur, Kali, trails) in the am and then head to Pandora for FPP and then stand-by Na’vi? I want to explore Pandora as well as its our first time with Pandora open. Are there times of day that are better for shorter Na’vi lines? Any advice from recent parkgoers??

If riding Navi is important to you, I would do it first. It’s an “okay” ride, certainly beautiful, but I would never way any substantial (read: more than 15-20 mins) amount of time for it, and lines build quickly there to well over an hour.

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touringplans has a great youtube video on this that guides you through the entire rope drop of AK, look it up. In summary, arriving 70 minutes before park opening will allow you to ride BOTH (FOP first, then Navi) within minutes of the park opening. You mileage may drastically vary if you arrive less than 60 minutes before park opening.

Watch the video. It really helps to put things into perspective.

Yes, you can definitely do both, but it sounded like OP was looking for ways to maximize the EMH

That’s how you maximize it. You ride both. Use the FPP either to ride again or use the modify function to select something else if one is enough.

Or, you take advantage of everyone piling into Pandora and you ride everything else as walk on and you use FPP for later on

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Everyone seems to love FOP, so if you can, do both first thing as @OBNurseNH says, then hightail it out of there to ride other stuff, then use your FP’s including another go on FOP. If I only had 1 day, that’s what I’d do

There is actually some intuitive truth to this. Does anyone know why the strategy from the book and the site seem to ignore this fact? Why should you waste a first hour FPP when you can be somewhere else? I do not have an answer for this but I see what you mean.

Perhaps it is a fallacy and most attractions get filled more or less at the same rate even if their max wait time for the day is different. So you can’t actually “ride more” just because everyone is at Pandora. You probably ride about the same during the first hour only limited by the actual duration of the ride and the ride’s capacity.

Thanks so much - this is really helpful discussion. Similar question re: riding both. We have a FP+ for FoP for 10:10am for our upcoming visit - Mar 7, CL5, no EMH but 8am opening. So initially my plan was to head straight to Navi, then tour the rest of the park in the morning, relying on our FP for FoP for later.

We’re planning to be at the park 75 mins before opening though, and I suspect our family will love FoP. The recent move to an 8am opening (from 9am) has me wondering if maybe we could even ride twice. If we’re good about getting there early and go straight to FoP, sounds like we could expect the line at Navi to be in the neighborhood of 15-20 mins when we get off? (the video does a fantastic job of illustrating this too - just looking for some opinions on whether that’s likely)

Do you think we could ride both in time to still take advantage of the rest of the first hour (say by 8:30 or so) and come back for a second ride of FoP with our FP+ without adversely affecting the rest of our plan? (we have FP+ for Safaris and Everest too) Or would it be safer/smarter to just do Navi in the morning and stick with the FP+ ride of FoP so as not to miss too much of the empty morning hours in the rest of the park?

Hope that makes some sense. Thanks very much for any advice you can offer!

For a CL5 it is feasible. Watch this video from Brian

If you RD and are at the front of the pack then it is quite possible. Be mindful of the morning buses, maybe an early uber might give you an extra edge. I always drive so I can’t say.

Awesome, thank you! Brian’s video is really great - helps to see the walk/paths. And totally agree re: transport - we’ll have a car for that very reason. Much appreciated.