Plan for afternoon/evening at US/IOA with no Front of Line pass

We are planning on going to universal for three days. Afternoon/evening on first day, Full day on 2nd day, and from opening until about 5:00 pm on 3rd day. The second night we will stay on property so we will have the early entry/express pass on both the second and third days.

Here’s my question: what could we get in that first partial day without the EP? In other words, what doesn’t have long waits in the afternoons and evenings? We will have park to park tickets. It will be me with my two teenagers who are huge Harry Potter fans and we will be there (this is the not so great part) in late July.

Thanks for your help!

We are planning the same schedule. Have you tried a personalized touring play? Are you taking children? Reading the lines version for Universal is entertaining and helpful.

I have two teenagers aged 16 and 19. I haven’t been able to thoroughly research TP. Is there a TP that is for all Harry Potter but just a partial day? (I haven’t looked because I figured that was too specific…) I’m thinking we will start at Diagon and explore and try to ride Gringotts in the Single Rider Line. Then ride train over to the other side and explore over there and ride FJ Single Rider. We definitely want to end up Diagon after dark so maybe we should reverse what I just said. What are your thoughts? What time does it get dark in July I wonder?

That sounds like a good plan. I checked the Plans and they include Adults, Seniors and young children. We could always make our own personalized and optimize for the half day. My kids are 10 and 14. I don’t know anything about summer. Might be something you could ask on lines. The two day/two park plan sounds interesting.

Download the lines app and use that to help determine what lines are where

I would highly recommend making that first day your all Harry Potter Day. If you don’t have EP, the two big HP ride don’t take EP anyway. The most successful hour of tuoring my family had, with three kids in tow, was a July evening when the parks closed at 10. We got in line for EFG at 9, waited in line, rode the ride, walked to HE, waited in line, rode HE to IOA, got in line for FJ and rode FJ all by 10:00. Do not underestimate the evenings during the summer months. The attendance drops considerably!