Plan Advice MK 2 day newbies

Visiting MK from UK for first time and trying to do loads of research and use the TP app to help with clearing the fog…

We are spending 2 days at MK with a couple of days in between. My plan is to RD or close to in on day 1 which is our first full day after arriving from UK and in second day go for 12 noon start and stay for fireworks.

Day 1 is below
Trolly show
Buzz light year
Haunted mansion
Jungle cruise
Pirates of Caribbean
Tom Sawyer
Splash mountain
Laugh floor
Country bears
Tiki room
Main parade
Back to hotel…

Day 2
Barn stormer
Under the sea
It’s a small world
Peter Pan
Astro orbiter
People mover
Winnie Pooh
7 dwarves
Enchanted tales
Mickies philarmagic
Mad tea party

We are family of 4 2 girls 12 and 9 who are keen but not mad on the big thrill rides.

Does this look doable or stretch and anything people think is missing or worth skipping?

We are staying at Wyndham Disney Springs what time would people recommend getting to car park in morning for the early start?


In my opinion, it’s always good to have a plan in case something goes wrong, time flies by too fast, etc…So, on all of my plans, I have a few things in the second half of the day that I don’t mind cancelling if the need arises. I think that philosophy works well with your plans as they are right now.

For day 1, I would put the country bears and the tiki room on that ‘‘cancellable’’ list.

For day 2, I’d put astro orbiter and tea party on the list. I’d also simply remove barnstormer (it really sucks LOL)

Also, I’d consider adding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad somewhere. It’s really not that intense and it’s a lot of fun. It was my son’s favorite when he was 4…and he HATED barnstormer (too jerky).

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You’ll have no trouble being up to get there for RD - you’ll probably be up by 5 because of the time difference for the first few days. Main Street opens at 8am so I’d be looking to park up probably by 7.15 at the latest - it’s a long time since we’ve driven, long before this opening procedure, so others might know better.

No Space Mountain? Though it’s in the dark, it’s not a very thrilling thrill ride - no rides at WDW are big coasters. Your girls may be a bit old for Tom Sawyer Island but they might enjoy it - if nothing else you can have a look around, and if they love it you can spend longer. Also looks like no Big Thunder Mountain? Again, it’s not really a thrill ride. Like a runaway mine train ride. I have my own thoughts on some of the other attractions but as a first timer I think you need to make your own mind up.

Day 2 - Barnstormer although billed as a little kid ride is probably rougher than Big Thunder and I would suggest skipping it and doing Big Thunder instead. Enchanted Tales is cute but unless one (or more) of you is going to take part, I’d skip and watch Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios instead which is outstanding.


Another vote to skip Barnstormer. It’s an obvious section of the park for tots - probably immediately off putting to at least one of your girls.

I do not care for most coasters but do like Big Thunder Mountain. The sight gags are great.

About Country Bear Jamboree - you’ll likely be in an almost empty theater. It’s either that bad or that under appreciated.

We started doing the Tiki Birds again a few trips ago when my totally non-thrill rides (health issues) cousins joined us at WDW. My 14 yo grandniece has been insisting on seeing it but then she rides Gran Fiesta in Mexico in Epcot multiple times. The Tiki Birds theater usually has a good crowd.

I thought the Laugh Floor closed?

Edited to add, we like to arrive at the tapstiles 60 - 45 min before published park opening. Since you’re at Magic Kingdom, you’ll park, walk or tram to the ticket center where you’ll have bag check. Then you board the ferry to MK. AND then you get to wait at the tapstile. For a 9 am opening I’d be pulling into the parking lot about 7:30. On recent trips we’ve been in the park well before published opening.

Nope Laugh Floor is very much open.

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It’s underappreciated!! There’s just soooo much to do and for a lot of ppl this may be one of the few times they ever go to WDW. The need to do all the E-Ticket rides overrides getting to see some of the more delightful shows, attractions and diversions. WDW offers.

I tell everyone to pick at least CB or ETR while they are in that section of MK. There’s just something charming about corny jokes told by robots! Plus, it’s great to get off your feet and you can almost always walk in at about 5 minutes before the shows start and still get a decent seat.

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Plus, they’re kinda sorta a last link to Uncle Walt . . .


What are your trip dates? Maybe I missed it somewhere…

I ask because you can, obviously, do / see more in say October than July.

I made a “sample plan” for your trip, going on a weekend in August. On day one, I was able to squeeze in everything you wanted assuming you’d pick some FPP rides and have a 45 minute lunch.

Day two - I fit everything in with a 60 minute dinner and you still had two hours left over - not using any FPP.

Again this is all dependent on the CL for the dates you visit.

A couple of things…

I’m also in the skip Barnstormer group. I’d only do it if it has a 10 minute wait. It’s a super short ride, and it’s not unique to Disney. You can find similar small children’s coasters anywhere. IF the wait is really short though your children might like it.

Enchanted Tales with Belle - This is the ONLY way to meet Belle in MK and that is what the whole attraction really is… a character meeting. However, usually the ONLY way to met her & get a photo is to volunteer to be in the play. At the end of the play, she’ll pose with those kids & adults that joined in and then leave. I have seen parents getting right back in queue with sad children who missed her the first time.

People Mover - IMHO …highly overrated. For some reason it became “cool” a few years ago to say you liked TTAPM. If you need a break and want to sit as you are slowly taken through Tomorrowland… fine. I only get on when my wife, who isn’t a WDW mega enthusiast like me, needs a rest break and we just happen to be in Tomorrowland at the time.

When we did Belle they made sure all the kids who wanted a part got one. They even asked.

I love Peoplemover. I think it’s a co view of Tomorrowland and going inside Buzz and SM is cool. Plus minimal wait and chance off your feet.


I’ve seen it both ways with Belle. That’s why I recommend to people to be in the play- even if it’s just as a backgorund part like - “Salt or Pepper shaker”. She always poses with that group. Maybe it depends on the CL or time of day, but sometimes Belle zips out of there.

You love People Mover for the right reasons and I agree. However, on a lot of videos, podcasts and forums it became a trendy “must do” a couple years ago. It is definitely not that.

A few thoughts. You do have some cross crossing but MK isn’t too big so you should be ok. RD’ing Buzz should be easy. But you can pick up extra FP for Buzz pretty easy.

Agreed - no need for barnstormer. Big thunder and Space are really fun. None of the coasters are too extreme at Disney.

Are your FP’s already set? I think once you have those you can figure out the rest.

Make sure you learn the modify technique that @OBNurseNH wrote up. I found MK very easy to do FP’s for. BTW we never did Astro orbiter because it’s a standby line.

Remember to be flexible.

Wow thanks all for the advice. My 2 park days are Saturday July 27th and Tuesday 30 th. TP has MK as a 4 busy on Saturday and 6 on the Tuesday. Plan to RD on the first day and midday to fireworks on day 2.

I adapted the 2 day TP template and worked on doing front of park day 1 with frontier land on day 2.

My day 1 theory was to have more seeing the sights time as I thought it wouldn’t work to tell the kids to keep walking past Main Street castle etc as we had a ride to catch.

It all looks doable on the plan app but wanted some common sense advice from those in the know.

Thanks for the help on car park time that’s really useful. Are there easy places to grab a coffee and muffin on arrival as was planning breakfast on the go and don’t know is anywhere drive through on route from hotel so for day 1 want to really just get to park as we arrive late day before so not much time for scoping out the area.


Main Street Bakery will be open from 8am (Starbucks) for coffee and a variety of snacks.

As @missoverexcited said laugh floor is open but right in front Stitch’s escape is closed. Maybe that’s what you meant ? Even though the Stitch ride is closed, Stitch meets with people where the ride was and it is one of our favorite M&Gs in all of Disney. Very funny. No spoilers but Stitch is not well behaved… :wink:


You are actually let on Main Street up to the castle where they hold you about an hour before opening so if you arrive early you can still have time to walk Main Street, take in the sights and watch the opening Castle show.

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Maybe the Laugh Floor has been seasonally closed? Can’t recall if it was January 2013 or 2015, one of our group wanted to see it but it was closed when we got there.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Stitch attraction tho it was fun to surprise newbies with the burp.
Thanks for the tip about seeing Stitch!

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It might have been refurbed, that’s a long time ago and it’s not open seasonally now, it’s open year round.

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ALWAYS take pictures in Belle, they say that CMs will take pics and each group receive cards but DD10 was in 0 of over 40 pics from the group. They did individuals with Belle afterwards so know the pictures were taken. Called GS and they weren’t able to find anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sure. However, what I have personally experienced, is Belle dashing off after only doing 8 - 10 pictures & only with those who participate in the play. So… If a Belle M&G is a “must do” for ppl then they need to grab a part to be certain they at least get the opportunity to have a picture taken.

And yes… it never hurts to have a CM, friend or another guest snap a pic for you on your phone. :wink: