Plain headband in the parks?

I will be going to Disney World soon and I would love a plain mouse headband, but I am not sure if they sell those in the parks. When I check online, I get lots of options for hats and then some headbands, but those are never the plain ones. Do you guys know if just simple plain mouse ear headbands are available any of the stores in WDW?

Pretty sure I have seen plain ears on a headband in a variety of shops. Have you checked the Shop Parks app?

Yes, I have, but I couldn’t find any. I don’t need them beforehand, but I just want to make sure I can get what I want at the park. If I know I can’t get them, I might get some cheap knock-off ones beforehand. :slight_smile:

Disney Springs is the place to go. The Disney Store there has every Disney product available. If they don’t have it the only other place you might find what your looking for is Ebay.