Places to watch wishes with small children


I was just wondering if there is a good tip in watching the wishes fireworks with small children. I don't want to be the parent that puts there kids on the shoulders, but they have a hard time seeing when a bunch of adults are standing in front of them. Thanks


@maccys_mousehouse (I think) posted some great photo's and videos from the lagoon near where the riverboat docks for the night. It looked pretty empty and you could see the reflection of the fireworks in the water.

Also seen reports that watching from Storybook Cirucus in NFL was a good spot. One liner even had the characters come out and watch with their family.


Hey yeah that was me, @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 . The walking bridge that overlooks the Liberty Square Riverboat was a gorgeous place to see fireworks and we had plenty of room to move around. Naturally you'd have no chance of seeing the projection show but you could always catch the second showing after the fireworks. I wish I could post that short video in here but I don't want it auto-playing every time a person refreshes. The video is much prettier than the still photos. Nonetheless, here's a few shots:


@ThatDisneyGuy_outer1, and @disney5889

Here's a quickie video I posted on Instagram earlier this Summer. I uploaded it to YouTube so it wouldn't autoplay on here all the time. 20 second video: