Places to rest at parks

I was wondering if there was a list somewhere (I didn’t find it in the books, I have two) of recommended places to sit and relax at each park. I would be interested in general places to sit (the more comfortable the better–that is not concrete). I would also be interested in a list of places that serve food but could also be used a resting place and places where adults can sit while kids play in sight. Thanks.

I find that almost any of the “show” based attractions with short or no lines are great places to rest. HoP and CoP spring to mind as “go to” places when a break from the heat is needed.

Here’s strategy I have used with kiddos (or even just adults) along:

Temperate weather:
MK-Tom sawyer island / EP- garden behind England if have music or entertainment/ AK- Boneyard (skipped last trip, too hot)/ HS-Characterpalooza (didn’t hit at right time last trip)

Hot weather:
MK- playground between BTMR & Splash (also nice shop right there)/ EP- Sunshine Seasons (not at lunchtime though)/ AK- Pizzafari (b4 lunch crowd)/ HS- Scifi long lunch

I should also have said, some of those wouldn’t go if just adults - such as the playgrounds.