Places to relax in WS?

DH and I plan to tour WS while the kids hopefully nap. Any good places (indoor preferred) to just sit and relax. Thinking of getting ice cream at artisanes de glances and doing the Morocco museum.


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Not indoors, but the gardens in Japan are my favorite place to go for a bit of an escape. They are very nicely shaded, so no AC, but at least filtered sunlight. The gardens in Canada are also a great place to “escape”, but there are fewer seats and almost no shade. The only indoor place would be inside the Mexican pyramid; it’s dark and cool, so perfect for napping. While the kids nap, you can enjoy some La Cava margaritas…


Another option is by the water in Mexico. There are a few tables tucked out of the way that might work well for you to enjoy a small bite and a drink while you people watch.

I went in to
Mexico when my daughter was asleep. Felt nice and cool in there.

Sounds like Mexico is the spot. I was hoping somewhere a bit more in between since we’ll be starting in the Canada side and will do Mexico ride when they wake up and then Norway. I also wanted to show them the trains in Germany without backtracking too much.

Japan gardens sound good.

If it’s not too busy, inside the “cave” waiting area for O Canada.

In the gardens of the U.K., right a5 the back. Assuming no one is playing at the bandstand of course!

And right down the side of the Peace Temple in China. Can’t recall if there are seats but almost no one goes there. Alternatively inside the Peace Temple or right inside the pavilion behind it.

Or just sitting on the wall outside the Land. I know you said WS but still!

You could spend time sitting in cool air conditioning while watching the American Adventure, but I’m not sure if food and drinks are allowed. Many naps have been taken there, and not just by young children.


Favorite outdoor spot: The gardens in the Japan pavilion (though it can be loud if the drummers are performing).

Favorite indoor spot: The waiting area for the Reflections of China show in the China pavilion. It’s cool and quiet, with soft music and plenty of seating. Sometimes I end up sitting through 2 or 3 shows before I decide I’m ready to actually go into the theater (since you have to stand for the movie)!

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I was going to suggest:
Japan koi pond area
Mexico pavilion (inside)
Reflections of China waiting area (inside)
Gardens at Canada


As long as Sergio isn’t performing, there is some nice seating in Italy outside of the main gift shops.
And if Serveur Amusant is not blowing their whistle, the fountain and gardens in France are nice too.

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Quite a lot of construction going on round there though I think.

We were there last week and there is no construction visible or heard from France. You can see it from the IG, but once in France it was very quiet.

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So they haven’t started yet on the courtyard for Ratatouille then? I guess they’re concentrating on the ride building first.

I don’t think so, all work was happening behind the theater.

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They are starting to work on some of the facades, but I’m sure we won’t see any of it until the ride opens…

Fez House in Morocco is a hidden gem. Plenty of seating, nice and cool, fountain making restful sounds … you might end up taking a nap too!


There is a small museum connected to the department store in Japan which is usually empty. It’s nice and cool in there, though I can’t remember if there is seating.

They are not allowed inside the American Adventure.