Place to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Now that the Penguins have secured a space in the Stanley Cup Finals, we may need to adjust some of our plans.
Games 3 and 4 will be on TV at 8 pm on 6/3 and 6/5 of our trip.
We will be in Epcot and HS.
Is there anyplace that is in those parks or nearby that we can watch some of the game?
Luckily, all of our ADRs are earlier so I will not need to adjust those.
Let’s Go Pens!

We’ve been on trips like these before when our sports teams have been playing important games! I can remember a group of my family were all sharing earbuds one time while listening to the game while we waited for the Electrical Parade!

I can’t speak for if there is anywhere in the parks to watch the games, but I know that ESPN Zone which is at the Boardwalk (walking distance from both EP and DHS) has tons of tvs. I would imagine that they would have the game on some of them.

Note though that we went once on a Sunday for just a regular season football game and the place was packed (like line out the door to wait to come in) packed. So you may have to arrive early! We didn’t know that and we got in, but had to stand the whole time waiting for a table (and of course, no tables became available because everyone there was there to finish watching the games).

Last time I was at Crew’s Cup college basketball was on the tv. That may be a back up plan.

You should ask on chat. @princeps_summus_niter will know.

I don’t know the answer to your question but I had to reply to say Go Preds! I have lived in Nashville my entire life and been a Preds fan since they came here in 1998. Nashville is so excited!!!

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Go bruins! Oh. Wait. Go Disney!


It will be fun as there is nothing like playoff hockey! If Pens weren’t in it, I’d root for the press as we :heart: Nashville! But I cannot abandon my Pens! #bringthecuptotheburgh

My DH is from Boston but has replaced all sports with black n gold from the Burgh now. Except baseball. Still loves the Red Sox. So I can give you that…
But we can agree on Disney!

Heck yeah for Disney. Well I live in Pittsburgh now but could never abandon my Boston teams. However seeing as how the pens are still defending champs I suppose you may want to change your hashtag to #KEEPthecupintheburgh. Lol