PJ Family Trip Report Part 1: 24 hours until we hit the pool!

It begins! Tomorrow morning begins our 3-night WDW stay followed by a 4-night Disney cruise. For me, DS7 and DD9 it will be the first WDW experience ever. It will be my wife’s first as an adult; she went years ago as a kid. It’s the first cruise for all of us.

Exactly 24 hours from now we will be swimming in Stormalong Bay, enjoying our pixie-dusted upgrade to the Yacht Club. (Well, unless it’s raining and thundering, which seems likely. Because why would anything go according to plan?)

But getting there has damn near killed me. We seem to packed an insane amount of stuff into the week before vacation; since Sunday we have:

  • Attended a birthday party for my cousin’s kid
  • Reorganized the basement
  • Started packing for WDW
  • Attended events at kid’s school
  • Started fighting off a cold contracted at the aforementioned kid birthday party
  • Continued packing for WDW
  • Went to the eye doctor
  • Continued fighting off the cold
  • Wrestled with and mostly successfully delivering a big project at work
  • Continued packing for WDW
  • Went to the dentist
  • Took kids trick-or-treating
  • Washed four thousand loads of laundry, so that I could continue packing for WDW
  • Continued fighting a losing battle against the cold
  • Manically refreshed this forum and wdwmagic, waiting for yet another last-minute attraction cancellation
  • Quadruple-checked all the paperwork for the cruise
  • Finished packing for WDW

But we’re not done yet. Tonight we need to straighten up the house because our cleaning service comes tomorrow morning before we leave. Good lord if I never fold another item of clothing in my life I’d be a happy man. But it will be nice to get home to a cleaned house and empty laundry baskets I suppose.

Hopefully it’s early to bed, get lots of rest, and smooth weather for the flight tomorrow. The real fun starts Saturday morning with a RD at MK!


Safe travels!

Have a safe and fun trip! All your hard work will pay off and you can just enjoy the vacation now!

How exciting!! Have fun!!!

Love coming home to a clean house and no laundry! Have a fabulous time!

Hope you have safe travels & a great trip!

Hope you have a great trip.

I hear you on the “continued packing!”

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Have a great trip! It will be an epic one for sure with both WDW and the cruise! Which ship and ports? I can’t wait for your reports!

In February, DH, DS7, and I are doing a 4-night Disney cruise followed by a 3-night WDW stay and it will be the first WDW experience ever for us as well!

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I will be doing a 4 night followed by 3 nights at wdw in August. Somehow I seem to have added two days before too!

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