PizzeRizzo Opening Date Announced!

I just came upon this article discussing the new PizzeRizzo! Hooray! It WILL be open during my trip this year!

Also some insight into the menu offerings.


The menu sounds an awful lot like Pizza Planet’s. I guess that’s fine if the quality of the Pizza takes a solid step forward. I look forward to the early reviews on the pizza quality…




I cannot wait to see the reviews! I think my girls would LOVE to eat dinner here before heading to the Jingle BAM dessert party!!!

When we went to Pizza Planet, the girls loved the theme, but barely touched their food because it was “'gross”’ and my girls are not picky eaters at all. :frowning:

Yes! We were all excited about eating at PP, but the food was so blah!!! My kids eat everything and they thought it was mediocre at best. Great environment but not great food. We’re going to try Pizzerizzo regardless but I do hope it’s a step up!

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