PizzeRizzo at HS Opening Date?

Anyone have an update on when PizzeRizzo might open at HS?

I’ve seen both Nov 7th and Nov 14th listed; I’m not sure which is the more reliable date. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find out anything more specific.

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I will take either one of those!!! I’m looking forward to more Muppets!

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I too have seen Nov. 7th listed! I hope it’s early Nov., we reeeeeally want to have a lunch there on our HS day! :smiley:

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Did a bit more digging, and the 7th seems to be the more likely date, with possible soft openings before.


Eeeek! Thanks @bswan26!

I hope the food is at least tolerable, since I really want to like this place! (I wasn’t a big fan of Pizza Planet’s menu)

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I agree! We did PP just because it was a “fun” thing to try, especially for the kids, but was a little underwhelmed by the variety/quality of pizzas for it being a pizza specific place. I think this place seems like, it’ll be a little better. I hope. Lol. Would LOVE to see a leaked menu.

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Personally, I’m expecting it to be the exact same pizza, which I found tolerable enough to eat - unlike most of the QS fatre in DHS. I hope I’m wrong.

[quote=“bswan26, post:10, topic:28619”]
Personally, I’m expecting it to be the exact same pizza, which I found tolerable enough to eat[/quote]
I’ve wondered that, since it was already a pizza place it wouldn’t surprise me if there were no drastic changes. I only ate once at Pizza Planet, and while it didn’t make me sick, my pizza didn’t taste good. Also, as much as I enjoy pizza, I would have appreciated some other choices on the menu. At the very least, I hope they ate a little variety!

We ate Pizza Planet 2 or 3 times and were always underwhelmed by the pizza itself. Nice environment, but OK at best pizza & that’s being generous on the “it’s pizza it can’t be that bad” scale. Now to be fair, there are few QS locations at HS I’d say were clearly better than Pizza Planet. Fairfax Fare on Sunset Boulevard is the only QS meal I can recall having that I’d say was significantly better than Pizza Planet, but HS is a fairly low bar.

Hopefully Pizza Rizzo is new pizzas and ups the ante quite a bit on the quality. If it is decent food, it should be a huge hit at HS.

I agree! We’re HS fans but they could greatly improve the food selections. We happened to like H&V for breakfast and the dockside diner for a quick bite.

New photos posted today, completion looks near!!!

It looks huge! Of course, I never went to Pizza Planet so I have nothing to compare it to.

It’s the same (pretty large) footprint, but the new facade is a bit higher. The only addition is the two-level “porch” on the left side.