Pizza deliveries etc: on site?

Are on site hotels (DLH specifically if it matters) able to receive pizza deliveries/ Vons/ etc? what all are the delivery options? thanks!

I have never utilized any of these services, however on one of our stays at DLH we noticed Uber eats delivering food to someone staying at the hotel. The driver and the person met in the lobby of Frontier tower, so it can be done. I thought it was brilliant, as room service can be quite pricy.

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I’m pretty sure Vons yes. Pizza deliveries probably yes too. But I’ve never tried it myself. I think I’ve also heard that Instacart and Amazon Fresh are available too? Sorry I don’t much about delivery options to DLH since we usually stay off-site & walk to whatever food we’re near on Harbor.

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Yes, pizza deliveries will go to the front lobby. We have ordered several times.


or get carryout from Naples Ristorante and bring it back? but that’s an even bigger schlep now with security zone expanded…

If you get it on the way back to the hotel from the parks, it’s the exact same walk it was before & you’d be exiting the security perimeter so no extra steps or bag searches for those leaving DTD to go towards the DLH.

However, if you were at the hotel & then wanted to head into DTD to grab some Naples then yes you would have to go through security to enter DTD. But I still feel like it’s not really a hassle as A) the lines always seem manageable on that end (I’ve never seen a line more than 4-6 people deep) and B) if you go bagless then they may have a no bag line and if they don’t at the very least you’ll be able just to walk through the usually short(er) lines on that side without having to stop for security to search a bag.

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