Pixie Hollow Fairies


Anyone know of special fairy appearances in addition to Tinkerbell M&G at MK. Specifically we are loving the pixie hollow movies. We are attending all the parks first week of december at WDW. Thanks


Sorry can't help but a very helpful site for character information is Kenny the Pirate. There is a free and a pay to access site. I used the pay one last year it was about $5 ish for 12 months. You might get info on there if no one can help you here or on chat.


Unfortunately, after Tink moved out of her Adventureland home into the Town Square Theater, the meet and greet was reduced to just her without her friends.


Aww I knew she moved to Town Square but didn't realize it was just her now. I loved the magical nook they were in before!
Any idea what they're doing with that space now?


Thanks yes DS 5 lives the characters. Really enjoy the movies and will see Tink at M&G


My DS7 and DS4 love them too!


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that is the space currently occupied by The Skipper Canteen.