Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks?


Has anyone booked through PDPH? I just learned about them and requested an agency exclusive quote. Are their deals pretty good or about what you can get (aside from Labor Day) through MVT?



The Backside of Magic Podcast has reported that they have the exact same discounts as MVT (both have convention rates) but they often have different resorts.


I went to college with one of their agents. Know her well. For me, the price quoted for just tickets was a good bit more than through undercovertourist. As much as I would love to give her business, I can’t justify paying that much more when I could get them cheaper somewhere else. So I didn’t. And I could get a room through David’s much cheaper than through them.


I’ve never listened to the podcast - I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks!


Definitely give it a try-they have fantastic money saving tips and lots of good info even for seasoned WDW visitors.