Pixar Place Hotel Non-Early Entry California Adventure

Heading to Disneyland within the next few weeks. With the way our trip is (2 days disneyland, 1 day DCA) our days in the parks are the opposite of early entry but we plan on rope dropping. We are staying on property (Pixar Place) and I know that there is a separate entrance for Pixar Place guests but can’t find anything online about what happens during rope drop at that entrance, only about the main entrance.
Does the Pixar place entrance open at the same time as the other areas for line up? Are you able to line up with other groups that can from the main entrance or are there separate line ups?


The yellow line shows the path to get to the Pixar Place guest entrance to DCA. Note, for DL to you will need to use the main DL entrance in the esplanade and not this DCA entrance. The circled gate is where they will begin to line up guests (on the GCH grounds just off the walkway and will have signage to indicate it’s for Pixar Place hotel guests). Security is setup at some point between there and the actual entrance to the park (the yellow box closer to Seaside Souvenirs).

It is reserved for only hotel guests and from what I’ve seen of it, it’s very very very low traffic, and since it was opened more recently I’ve not heard of it backing up ever.

I’m not sure of its exact role drop procedure but in general resort wide they tend to coordinate it so that security lines that are reserved for hotel only guests get to start ahead of security for guests coming from parking areas or walking from offsite. And then then entrances all open at the same time.

I would personally only use this entrance if I were starting on the pier in DCA. If wanting to start at any other land, I’d use the main entrance.

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Thanks! This was a question I didn’t even know needed an answer. We are staying at Pixar Place and I knew where the dedicated DCA entrance was but hadn’t thought about rope drop, which we do plan on doing. I will definitely take this into account when putting final plans together.

What areas of DCA are open for EE?

17 days :tada:


They kind of open up almost the whole park but only some rides. For example, Incredicoaster and TSMM (if they are up to the task) will be open for EE but the wheel will not. I always have to look up the full list whenever I think about it, but off the top of my head I know for sure will be open:


I think Monsters isn’t and Little Mermaid is? But I may have them switched.
I also think Jessie’s Critter Carousel and Inside Out Emotional Whirlwhind are also open?
I know for certain that Pixar-Pal-Around, Silly Symphony Swings, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Golden Zephyr & Goofy’s Sky School do not open for EE. Also, Radiator Springs Racers and Grizzly River Run won’t be open.

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We used this last August, but for EE. If your goal is to be front of the pack at RD don’t use this entrance. If you would like a less crowded relaxed entrance use it!

It’s small with only 1-2 bag check tables running and 1 tap point. I’m not sure if for regular entry they use a rope and start letting people in early but for EE they did not.

I think is flipped, maybe.

Yes, we did both of these because IC had a delayed opening.


Haha, I know one is open and one isn’t. But can I ever remember which is which without looking it up? Haha, no. (I also wouldn’t use my EE for Little Mermaid and previously wouldn’t have used it for Monsters but now that has LL and gets to be like a 50 minute line all day, I would totally use EE for it).

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So two follow up questions for you guys.

  1. If using the entrance you could work your way to carsland and be primed for RD RSR at park open time, right?

  2. To get from PPH to main entrance at either park for RD, would the best route be to go down Disneyland Dr and hang a right at DLH? I know that DTD and DCA lines inside GCH get really long for rope drop.

ETA: How does someone walk from PPH to DTD or DLH for that matter? The Disneyland Dr goes under DTD so how does that work? We’ve never stayed at PPH so that is new to me.


One EE DCA option:

Since we will be on ECVs I’m thinking use the PPH entrance, make our way to carsland via Paradise Gardens Park and then get in line for RSR. We won’t be doing IC.

I don’t know if we would be better off trying to make our way to the main entrance of DCA.

Yes. I would at least do Mater’s and/or Luigi’s then prime for RSR position if that was the plan.

The security lines for the GCH definitely get bogged down, you could aim to get to them early. Like 6:45am at the latest to beat most of the crowd. However, I’m not at all confident that they always allow Pixar Place Hotel guests to ‘cut-through’ the GCH that early because they like to reserve the limited space they have for security exclusively for the GCH guests.

To get to the DTD security that is designated for DLH and PPH guests you’ll want to follow the route below

:red_circle:Red: you’ll either start by existing from the front or the back of the hotel, whichever your room is closest too & following that around until you get to…

:yellow_circle:Yellow: Follow the designated walkways (they should all be accessible as they are also how guests get from the parking lots around that are actually overflow GCH parking and PPH hotel guest parking). There may be some construction screens & walls up too with the state of DTD these days. But following the yellow will take you right up close & next to the DLH and to…

:blue_square: Blue X: Security tents that have 5-6 lanes open usually and somehow go amazingly faster than the Harbor security lines.

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Thanks!! I was beginning to realize the best route was not going to be a straight line :joy: :joy:

You again are amazing and so helpful!!

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I recommend the back for DTD, it saves a few steps. And front if you are using the PP entrance to DCA.


You’ll exit floors below the pool where I circled in blue.

ETA: at least this is how it used to be. That hallway was under construction last August so not sure if it has changed.


The last time I walked through Pixar Place it was very much Paradis Pier and we haven’t seen any of the changes so I wasn’t sure how the change affected any exits, but I’m pretty sure there HAS to be some sort of exit to the back cuz that is where allllll the hotel & dining guests park. But yes, it should absolutely hopefully still be how you said, out the back will save steps!

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We were just there and the construction is done. Walking out the back exit is the way to go to get to DTD/DL/DCA main entrance. Go out the front on hotel to go to the new entrance to DCA. The remodel is lovely, really like Bing Bong meeting and also the piano player in the lobby.


WAIT!?! What? Bing Bong meeets??? For anyone?


Yep! (Did you miss this in my last 2 trip reports :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:).


:star_struck: :heart_eyes:

He’s perfect! How did I miss that??? I must’ve been too focused on the Hearthstone pictures because that’s what I remember most about the DLR most recent fab 4 trip. But how I missed it (or didn’t remember it) from your trip with Carson, is a mystery to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_raised_eyebrow: But yay! Thanks for re-sharing!!


Thanks to you and @ThorKat too for the information!!


You are welcome! Hope you love staying at Pixar Place.