Pirates & Pals vs Fantasmic


I have 2 boys - 5 and 3.5 years old. We have tickets to MVMCP and I’m trying to plan another fun night activity. Would you recommend Pirates & Pals or Fantasmic? I was able to get a late dining reservation at DHS to secure a “reserved” seat for Fantasmic. It’s just that we are staying at the Contemporary so P&P would be more convenient. Suggestions?? Thanks!


Kids that age get so exhausted that planning evening activities doesn’t always go to plan. I would go with Fantasmic purely as it will be easier to cancel if kids are too tired. However F! can be quite scary . P &P is very $$$ for kids that age . When my kids were that age we didn’t plan evening activities as they always ended up out of sorts due to changes in sleeping habits and over stimulation leading to melt downs.

We have a 2 year old and 7 year old, both boys. We recently did pirates and pals but we were rained out for our fantasmic reservations so I can’t say which would be better. Pirates and pals definitely makes for a long night. I think we finished with the last special character of the night after we got off the boat at 930. We made sure we had both boys get some rest in before we went and they had a blast. It’s definitely worth the money for the character interaction and snacks and getting to see wishes without fighting crowds. I think you need to know your boys and how well they do with a later evening out but I would definitely recommend it.

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