Pirates of the Carribean

Is there anything new in Pirates of the Carribean since the recent refurbishment? I need to cut some attractions out of my TP for MK and this was never a favorite of my family’s.

No. We did it in April (was that after the refurb?) and I remember thinking that Johnny Depp showed up a time or two more than I remembered (mostly peeking around corners and such), but really, essentials are exactly he same as always.

There are some small details that showed up in the last refurb I believe (although it’s possible they pre-date the last refurb) - things like a Mermaid skeleton now being in the early scene with the purple lit skeleton sitting against the wall that weren’t there before. Pretty minor detail stuff though & not big picture changes…

I’ve heard the same, that it’s just minor details. We do POTC every trip and I didn’t notice what the difference was from one year to the next!

I’ve also heard on one of the podcasts that you tend to get splashed a bit more than you used to before the refurb.

I’m sorry - but you need to leave the boards now!! Pirates is a classic that must be ridden or your trip doesn’t count!!!

In all actuality - there hasn’t been a significant enough of a change in YEARS. It is always 99% the same. Although we love it - I can understand others that don’t. I love C of Progress - however my family won’t do it so I forgo it. We did Astro orbiters instead - which I didn’t think was worth even the small wait. Was a bit cool as we did it at night - but I didn’t think it was worth my time.

We all have them.

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‘Hanging my head in shame’…I don’t like pirates of the Carribean either! I think it’s a bit boring :sleeping:

I’m surprised there is no height requirement for Pirates of the Carribean. Because there is no height requirement I assumed it would be a tame ride, but there is a fairly large drop at the start. I took a new born baby on the ride and he almost flew out of my hands because there is no warning of the drop.

They put a photo in! Last year at thanksgiving there was no photo, this year there was :slight_smile:

Going in March of 2018. Pirates will be closed from late Feb. to Late March. Bummer for me as I love the ride even though it is old. Can’t get the song out of my head afterwards.