Pirates League

Has anyone ever sent their kids and not gone? Right now I was going to use activity center to go to Cali Grill but going off a thread in chat, wondering if they’d like this option. How long is it and do most parents go? I don’t want them to feel like the only ones that were dumped there (which, honestly, I suppose that’s what I’m doing ;). Thx!

PS: love that my semicolon and parenthesis turned automatically into an emoji. How fun. It’s the little things…

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I just checked - pirates league in MK an adult has to be there for the entire experience https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/magic-kingdom/pirates-league/

Thank you. That’s what I thought but was investigating based on chat. Back to dumping them at kids club.


PL doesn’t last long enough for you to go very far, anyway. Plus, it’s SO FUN to watch–I wouldn’t miss it! You are writing about the PL in the MK, right? Not the Pirate Adventure from GF? If not, check into it!! You could eat at GF while the kids are on their adventure!

Thanks, pianominnie. That must be what they were talking about on chat. I looked at that but it says 9 am-11:30. Hmmmm. I’ll probably just stick to club Disney.