Pirates between Wishes and Once Upon a Time?

My TP shows riding Pirates between Wishes and Once Upon a Time on April 6 (7 crowd estimate). Is that really possible? It says a 5 minute wait for Pirates, but if we come back for OUaT are we going to be able to get a decent viewing spot? Where is the best location to view OUaT? The plan tells us to go to 7DMT after the show also.

Last week we just stayed in the hub area and waited for Ince Upon a Time. The crowd did thin out but it may take you a while to get away from the Wishes crowd. Are you willing to chance missing it?

We were there Sunday 2/26, CL 7, and were able to ride Buzz in between Wishes and OuaT. There was no problem finding a spot for OuaT (2 minutes before showtime!) Any good head-on fireworks spot is a good spot for this show. However, it was a huge hassle to get out of the hub after the fireworks. This was with 2 mobile/fast walking adults, and Buzz is a shorter walk than Pirates. I would imagine if you have a stroller, scooter, or smaller children among your party, then it will be more trouble than it’s worth if OuaT is your main goal.

When I was making my TPs, I wondered why the heck they didn’t just put OUAT before Wishes like they did when it was CTM. Makes no sense to me.

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I liked it because I didn’t have to show up as early to Wishes and the park had really cleared out for OuaT, haha. But I would bet they are going to flip it once Happily Ever After starts? So that the names are an opening and closing of a story…