Pirates and Pals or Ferrytale dessert cruise?

Thinking about booking 1 - has anyone had the experience of 1 or both? What did they like or dislike? The cost difference is around $100 as far as I can tell :slight_smile:

Side note - is PnP outside the park and Ferrytale inside? Not sure based on the info…


Pirates and pals was awesome! We have done it twice and loved it both times. It was a highlight for my children. They got to meet Peter Pan.
I can’t speak to the ferrytale cruise as we have never done.

thanks missy… was leaning towards that but wanted to get opinions on the other also!

Pirates and Pals but only if you can get an Equity Ben sailing.

equity ben? captain? tell me more…

Equity Ben is a cast member who is lost well-known for performing in the Frozen sing-a-long at HS. He also performs at HDDR, and at PnP. He is fantastic. I’m not sure there’s any way to know if he will be on any particular sailing so I was mainly joking about that. But if you did PnP and he happened to be there it would be pretty awesome and I’m sure he would add that little something extra-special by virtue of his talent.