Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage?

My daughter loves Peter Pan, and I just read up on this. It looks like the firework schedule isn’t out past Aug 5th. Can I not book this at the 180 day mark? How far out can I get it? Thanks!

I think it may open at the 90 day mark, but not sure.

As an aside, my coworker went on that voyage on her trip in December and HIGHLY recommends it!

You can book 180 out, I believe. We did it in March and booked it almost that far out. They just tell you it starts x amount of time before the fireworks will start. It was so much fun!

We booked it at the 180 days. You may need to call. It was definitely worth it. Take a little bag so you can take some goodies to go.

I highly recommend this as well & my youngest at the time was 16! The Pirates were very funny, one kept flirting with my 78 year old mom, my kids still laugh about it.
I’m not one to stake out a spot on Main Street and watch the fireworks, so this was an awesome experience for all of us. We had a fun boat and everyone was so friendly.
I don’t remember when I booked it, but it was definitely not at 180 days, it was after that.

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