Pirates and pals cruise

What time does the pirates and pals cruise start in March, typically?

And how long is it? Wondering if when it is over the busses will still be running from MK to the resorts?

I am not sure exactly but it should be an hour and fifteen minutes before fireworks. We just did this a couple of weeks ago (and I really liked it). Wishes was scheduled for 10:00 and the party started at 8:45. I would suggest checking in about fifteen minutes prior to that though so you can be ready to go when the door open.

We were the last in line for meeting Peter Pan after docking and were done about 10:45 or so. The busses will still be running from MK to your resort. We chose to Uber back to POR and it was $7. But you should be able to walk from CR to MK and catch a bus as well.

Here is a good review of the party from Kenny the Pirate. http://www.kennythepirate.com/2013/01/29/pirates-and-pals-fireworks-voyage/
Our experience was similar except there was only one boat and one pirate on our night.

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Thank you, that was EXACTLY what I needed to know!

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