Pirate's Adventure

Does anyone know if they are doing the interactive Pirate’s adventure thing at Magic Kingdom, and if you still get a fastpass (well, LL) at the end?

You do not get a LL at the end.

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Did you used to get a FP? How the heck did I miss this tidbit?

Thanks! We did this a few years ago and really enjoyed it, and getting the FP made it truly special. We may do it again this Spring Break, but I’ll warn my family about the missing perk so they don’t feel disappointed!

We actually didn’t know about it when we did it, but DD overheard other people who got done a little before us asking for a FP. She was super proud of the FP she got for us (since she was mostly the one following the clues), it was a highlight of the trip.


They don’t offer the LL (fp) anymore. But it was still fun and my 5 year old enjoyed getting the maps and watching people’s reactions around us!