Pirates Adventure


We have 2 days planned in MK. Arrival day (1/29) planning on hitting MK around 3:30. Main goal that day is Flag ceremony (my kids are super excited about this) and to just stroll through MK (have 3 FP set, 7D, Mickey and Buzz) my TP has us around Pirates at 7:22. I was thinking of having the kids do a round of Pirate Adventure. From my understanding they only give one card out per adventure, per family. I was thinking DH could take DD9 and grab and map and I could take DS12 and take a map. What is the possibility of getting the same map? About how long does the game take? Is this just around Adventureland?
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I think you could ask the attendant for different maps. I think it is fairly random, maybe 6 different quests. Disney is usually very accommodating so I think you have a very good chance.
It will take maybe 15-20 minutes to complete. Yes, it's just in Adventureland, so it's very compact.


When I took DS7 and DS4 there earlier this year, they asked if we wanted different adventures or the same adventures and gladly gave each of my boys their own adventure. As mentioned above, it is very compact and doesn't take long, but both of my boys absolutely loved it and I wish we had time to do more of them.